I asked Snowy and Joey for an intro for Bennys 'Last Orders', this is what they got back to me with...

"If you give us a weeks a notice, we'll give you a best mans speech. We can't come up with something on the spot. Hang on...High-drunk collider - he's a far more interesting experiment." Snowy and Joey.

Check below for Bennys 'Last Orders', with a bit of ASR footage!


Drink you ordered: A young coconut in China.

Person you spoke to: Lem Villeman

Trick you filmed: A line with a switch back 180 5-0 hopp.

Photo you shot: Skyscrapers in Shanghai.

Country you visited: China

Thing you skated in your hometown: Bournemouth skatepark.

Skate event you travelled to: Adidas three stripe skate hype, China.

Trick you learnt: Frontside heelflip.

Trick you lost: Try not to lose 'em...

Book you read: 'Hells Angels' - Hunter S Thompson.

Time you were outraged: Sweating in China. Today.

Piece of advice you received: 'Eat bananas' - Chewy Cannon.

Song you sang along to: "Livin' in Pain" - Biggie Smalls.

Film you watched and enjoyed: Semipro

Film you watched and hated: 'Be Kind Rewind'

Skate video you watched from start to finish: It's been a while.

Website visited: www.myskateordie.com

Clip watched on YouTube: Teeside TinTin

Skateboarder who impressed you: Lem Villeman

Time you said "never again": Hungover in an airport

Item of importance that you lost: Camera.

Time you feared for your life: Chinese taxi drivers.