You can't escape this little pseudo-pikey at the moment. Having recently gotten on Blueprint, followed quickly by a direct deal from Spitfire and Thunder, his skateboarding seems to have been attracting quite a lot of attention.

You'll no doubt be seeing a lot more from Nordberg in the near future, so, for now, read his 'Last Orders' and be greatful that he's probably not inviting himself to stay at your house at any point in the near future...


Drink you ordered: Coke, at the Spa.

Person you spoke to: Whitlock, I left my phone in his bag.

Trick you filmed: Back smith bigspin on the block at Bath skatepark.

Photo you shot: Sequence on some shit mini ramp in Bristol.

Time you had to ponce some money: The other weekend at Skegness, Habgood bought me dinner because I had no dollar.

Time you wanted to kill Habgood: Never, I love him!

Country you visited: Sweden on a WESC trip.

Trick you learnt: Hardflips! Stoked!

Trick you lost: Switch bigspin heelflips.

Task you performed that would constitute as work: Haha, ummm...walked my dog?

Household chore you did: Washing up, I've got it down now!

Powley got annoyed at you: Probably the last time I was with him, I might have made some kind of mess...

Song you sang along to: Aerosmith “Don't Want to Close My Eyes” - getting my cheese on!

Time you were outraged: Watching Jasper skate the block at the park, silly moves.

Skate video you watched from start to finish: Fully Flared.

Skate section you watched more than once in a row: Mike Mo in Fully Flared.

Item of importance you lost: My wallet and credit card.

Memorable thing Shaun Currie did: Getting on the stage after the Baghead Flats premiere, he was fully having it! So many moments though.

Last time you reffered to Bath as 'the hood': The other day when I got back from Scotland, letting people know I was 'back in the hood'.

Facebook status update: Ben Nordberg were going to the final!

Website visited: Sidewalk, wahey!

Thing you downloaded: Peep Show series 4.

Clip watched on YouTube: Dramatic Gopher Look

Skateboarder who impressed you: Tuukka Korhonen - Steez!

Time you feared for your life: In the back of Porno Pauls car on the way to Bournemouth, it's just Porno.

Bens "Welcome to Blueprint" edit: