As you know, myself and Leo are currently mid cross country trek with the Emerica UK team, so last night I got Adam Stoddart to make use of his down time and sort us out with his 'Last Orders'.

Keep an eye on the 'Cheer Up' tour daily blog updates, and scroll to the bottom of the screen for Adams section from Mischiefs 2006 DVD 'Northbound'.


Drink you ordered: Magners and a double Jamesons. Living the dream, bitch!

Person you spoke to: Rory Milanes, telling him to hurry up. I'm f*cking starving!

Person on the tour you wanted to kill: Gav Coughlan. He never shuts up, even when he has nothing to say.

Trick you filmed: Back smith backside revert on some banks in Nottingham

Photo you shot: A manny sequence in Newcastle.

Country you visited: Wales - I'm not a fan. Haha!

Thing you skated in your hometown: Flat ground outside my house. So sick.

Skate event you travelled to: War of the Thistles 2008.

Trick you learnt: 360 shove it, I'm still shit at em.

Trick you lost: Nollie heelflip - they come and go.

Book you read: 'Naked Lunch'

Time you were outraged: Sharing a bed with Nicky Howells. He takes up far to much room.

Piece of advice you received: 'Shy bairn gets no sweets' -Urwin.

Song you sang along to: Isis - Bob Dylan.

Film you watched and enjoyed: 'Hell Boy'. Sh*ts amazing!

Skate video you watched from start to finish: Transworld 'And Now'

Skateboarder who impressed you: Vaughan Baker.

Memorable thing that Nicky said: 'Thing bout puters, right.

Memorable thing Stansfield said: 'Safe, yeah'

Time you regretted rooming with Nicky: Every night.

Time you said "never again": Last time I roomed with Nicky.

Item of importance that you lost: Mobile phone. Had to buy a new one, lost loads of numbers. Buzzing?

Time you feared for your life: Why would I fear for my life? I'm from Hartlepool.

From Mischiefs 'Northbound', courtesy of