Since last Saturdays Volcom 'Wild in the Parks' event at Skegness, Aaron Sweeney has been occupying the spare room in my house, drinking far too much Dr Pepper, eating the most random combinations of food imaginable, and generally not being too stoked at the official end of this years summertime.

After watching a collection of films last night, he drunkenly completed his 'Last Orders' for you all to enjoy, so read on to hear what your favourite little Gyppo has to say for himself...


Time you went home: I can't remember, I'm not bothered. Next question...

Drink you purchased: Stella pint cans, like him from Peep Show. He doesn't buy the little cans, he buys the pint cans, but they're Carlsberg and these are Stella. He's a fat lightweight.

Person you spoke to: Manhead, about his shit new car.

Meal you ate: Ribs and macaroni cheese with a pint can of Stella mate. Have it combination!

Trick you filmed: An ollie. Into summat...a bank in Wakefield, though a halfcab heel was the last proper trick.

Photo you shot: Fuck knows! I ain't shot a photo for time! I dunno...switch frontside three inch nosegrind revert at the Wooden Waves vert in Newquay. It were padless, mind...

Country you visited: The motherland...Ireland. I think? I'm gunna say Ireland.

Thing you skated in your hometown: Euston bank I reckon, with Brookes. That was the last time I was home actually, in reference to your first question...

Skate event you travelled to: Volcom thing, 'Wild in the Parks', have it Skegness!

Trick you learnt: Fullcabs...nah. I could do those before, that's relearnt, mate. Back smith to back tails with Tez at Bridlington, or blunt to noseblunt on mini, that was this week. Actually no, it was the Channel 19 Dave flip!

Trick you lost: Tre flips, due to groin strain. I can still do them, but only fakie.

Book you read: Either in year 5 I read something to do with a Toll Booth, or Jimmy Carrs book but it was shit, I didn't read the full thing.

Time you were outraged: I don't really get outraged, maybe at Manhead when he took all my goes on a pinball machine. He owes me £1.30 cos I paid for his Pepsi as well. When he wins some money at the UK champs he can give me it back, the bastard. Or at something Nordberg did, not sure what, just pick one.

Piece of advice you received: Nah, you don't wanna know the last piece of advice I recieved. Me and my Dad were in Pizza Express, and he was telling me to take my own pictures of myself and sell them to the magazine and cut out the middle man. Or from Churchill 'turn your shoulders', trying to front-board frontside out round a corner at Bridlington, but it didn't work. I hadn't slept in two days.

Song you sang along to: 'Folsom Prison Blues' by Johnny Cash.

Film you watched and enjoyed: 'Walk The Line'

Film you watched and hated: '28 Weeks Later'. Shit

Skate video you watched from start to finish: 'In Motion' - I didn't enjoy it. Or maybe I did. Maybe?

Website visited: Had a look at Kevs 'Last Orders' on Sidewalk. Stoked...Other than that, Surf The Channel.

Clip watched on Surf The Channel: Prison Break, latest series episode 2.

Skateboarder who impressed you: Not Ryan Sheckler. Dickhead. It was Marcus Adams!

Floor you slept on: That should be an easy one I reckon. My own, perhaps. Or Ann Maries? Actually, it was Powleys, after Bridlington.

Memorable thing that Kev said: Quack quack quack quack quack, what we need to do is go around America for two months, and you need to plan it...quack quack!

Time you said "never again": To Raemers, warning him off summat.

Item of importance that you lost: Cigarettes. I haven't got anything of importance...maybe Marcus.

Time you feared for your life: Cars. We all know what that means. Or maybe the last time my heart went a little too fast.

Aaron at this years Quiksilver Bowlriders UK qualifiers at Cantelowes: