This weeks interview sees Scott "Horsey" Walker giving you the lowdown of his recently adopted hometown of Harlow. Read on below, then catch Horsey's section from "Better Than Life" at the bottom of the page!


Photo: CJ

Horsey's Harlow

Best breakfast spot: Greggs

Best form of transportation: The classiest way to travel is Radman's whip.

Best skate shop: Motel6 of course!

Best record shop: Itunes

Best band: The Seminals

Best album: Tha Carter 3

Best local video: Jake Shunt's "Crazy Ass White Bitches"

Best video section: Mark Nicolson, anything he does.

Best local – back in the day: Wag.

Best local – present: Radman.

Best skate spot – back in the day: Post Office four and five stair.

Best skate spot – present: Three flat three double set and handrail.

Best undercover spot: Playing Xbox at Monks

Best skatepark – back in the day: The old wooden mini ramp.

Best skatepark – present: Harlow park is the best.

Best nightclub: Doesn't exist.

Best restaurant: King Du and Chick Stop.

Best local slang phrase: “YES FAM!"

Best point of local interest/tourist must see: David Beckham's house is just down the road.

Best local celebrity: Jade Goody R.I.P, or Michael Barrymore. Sums Harlow up.

Best thing about living in Harlow: A lot of my mates live here and are down for skating everyday and having a good time.

Horsey in Death's "Better Than Life":

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