Our new weekly interview heads north of the border this week, paying Scotland a visit for the first time as Karma and Etnies rider Tom Shimmin fills you in on his favourite bits of Glasgow!

Photo: Alex Irvine

Tom's Glasgow

Best breakfast spot: Hal's Coffee Shop on Argyle St. Surf the internet with a mean chicken, mayo and sweetcorn bap.

Best form of transportation: Skate/bike, depends how far away the spot is.

Best skate shop: I don't pick and choose, they are all rad. I just do the rounds.

Best record shop: I don't buy records but I think it's really funny that the shops are always hidden away down lanes. If you don't know they are there you won't find them. I like the Oxfam that is dedicated to music on Byres Road.

Best band: Uncle John and Whitelock

Best album: I Love Bollywood Soundtrack

Best local video: This one.

Best video section: Rick McCrank - Menikmati

Best local – back in the day: Geoff Angus

Best local – present: T-Bag by a mile

Best skate spot – back in the day: New New Build or Cali Uni with it's perfect manual blocks and ledges. R.I.P.

Best skate spot – present: Haven't found it yet, I'm so bored of the usuals.

Best undercover spot: SECC walkway, just prepare yourself with this knowledge - YOU WILL GET A DE-LAM.

Best skatepark – back in the day: Blantyre, now whenever I go there my head seems to collide with the floor.

Best skatepark – present: My three favorites are Kelvingrove, Renfrew and Kirky.

Best bar: The Belle, out my door and round the corner for a comfy pint.

Best nightclub: Whatever it is, it isn't Sleazys!

Best restaurant: Mother India. mmmmmmmmm!

Best local slang phrase: 'Wide as the Clyde'

Best point of local interest/tourist must see: The Necropolis next to Glasgow Cathedral at midnight. Scary shit.

Best local celebrity: Frankie Boyle, minus the beard.

Best thing about living in Glasgow: The people you meet and the things you do. It's f*cking Glasgow, that's what's best.

Tom in Glasgow, by Paul VX:

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