Following our brief break last week to bring you the unedited 'Rather Ripped' interview, 'Favourites' is back with Ilkley's finest and the most recent addition to the expanding Blueprint roster, Thomas Henry Harrison!

Read his words underneath, and peep his Blueprint edit at the bottom of the page...


Way to start the day: Have a cup of tea and some toast with butter and honey.

Skatespot: New secret marble blocks in Leeds. Blaa.

Skatepark: Hyde Park Leeds.

Song to listen to when skating: O.D.B “Shimmy Shimmy Ya"

Skate video: “Debacle" - Nike SB.

Movie: “Superbad"

Band: Arcade Fire

Album: B.I.G “Ready to Die"

Person: Mackie.

Material possession: My skateboard.

None skating pass-time: Eating a lot.

Leeds skater: Leon Bottomley.

Yorkshire slang saying: Tuppa tea, ten tuggas.

Thing about riding a fixie: Skidding everywhere like when I was a kid.

Fixie related incident: Falling off in front of a bus in the middle of the road, pretty scary.

Skate trip to date: I have just been on a Nike 'Mystery Tour' in Bristol and Wales. It was really fun, went to some really amazing places. I found out how high the standard of skating is down there.

Time in your life: When I was at school. Skating all night, filming videos with Jason Brown. Don't Trust The Weather.

Special move in a game of SKATE: Nollie murder flip.

Comedy YouTube clip: Extreme Make-over: Home Edition - fail. Really funny, gets me every time.

Board, ever: My first board 5boro NYC.

Memory from last weeks Nike SB trip to Bristol: Getting pissed on Mikes 21st birthday, a funny night. Smithy climbing up a 30 foot statue to sit on a horse on the way home pissed. We were all just thinking about the “999" theme tune at the time. nine, nine, nine...

Quote from the Bristol trip: I can't remember really any quotes, but Korahn must have said about 100 funny things.

Memory from SF: “Great fun great worth it". Watching Smithy's hungover attempts at nollie heel down Wallenburg.

Disturbing experience: Getting raped by a fat girl. End of.

Michael Jackson song: “Heal the World."

Tip to the reader: Don't smoke weed. “But do drugs and f*ck hoes..."

Tom's edit re-hash: