Breaking from our inadvertent Welsh theme to the past few weeks 'Favourites', we head up north today to Manchester to find out what Death and Duffs rider, Thrust drummer and Central Skatepark stalwart Rob Smith is in to.

Give Robs 'favourites' a read below, and check out the PUMF 'Weekend in the City' edit underneath...


Way to start the day: Sun shining, ride my bike to the off license, beer outside Central skatepark.

Skatespot: Playing Place, Truro.

Skatepark: Central, Manchester.

Song to listen to when skating: Slayer “Raining blood"/Hotwire-"Jancrow".

Skate video: "Strongest of the Strange".

Skate section: Andy Scott - “Better Than Life"/Chris Atherton- “Avit"

Movie: The Wicker Man (original).

Band: Slayer

Album: Danny Byrd - “Supersized".

Thrust lyric: "Never done it before, never interested me, but this time they were going for free, down went the first then soon to 8, somebody help me, gonna de-hydrate…8 the first time 8 was great. 8 the first time nearly 8 my face. 8 the first time 8 was great. 8 the first time nearly 8 my face off!"

Person: Ben Reamers.

Material Possession: Record collection.

Local slang phrase: DOGGER!!!!

None skating pass-time: Dj-ing

Event: Newquay “Boardmasters" – a week long piss-up.

Skate trip to date: Duffs Kingpin trip last week down to Penzance, St Ives etc. Pure comedy every minute of the day.

Time in your life: Starting skating at 'Bones', Bolton (RIP) watching people like Scotty, Avi, Grove, Tony D, Danny McCourt, Mike Sutcliffe and Woody fucking 'avin it!

Special move in a game of SKATE: Switch straight pressure flip body varial.

YouTube clip: its either got to be The Lonely Island - "Jizz in my Pants" music video, or "30 second memory man"

Memory from the UK Indy tour: Stood in a chipy in Derby, really fat woman walks in - Munson: “don’t you think you’ve had enough?"

Ollie Tyreman quote: We get into a taxi...

Taxi driver - “where are you going?"

Ollie - “what time did you start?"

Taxi driver - “what?"

Ollie - “what time are you on till?"

Taxi driver - “what?"

Ollie - “right, now that’s out of the way I’m going to Salford, now get driving you c*nt!

Comedy Eddie story: We're all doing a gig it a little country pub in the middle of nowhere and there’s a little children running around, and it's full of old people. Eddie bursts in through the door, shouts “gimmi a f*ckin' drink! Summat f*ckin' strong" He gets half a pint of absinth and downs it. We do this gig, Eddie's on the floor 97% of it, for the 3% he’s falling over everybodies guitar leads, pulling them out, falling over my drums, smashing glasses, swinging his shirt round light fittings and pulling them down. Oh and singing the lyric “everybody’s just fucking the same!" in a 4 year old girls face. After that I give up my place in the car for him to get a lift home because he’s in no state to get the train. He refuses, running into moving traffic lying on there bonnets and spitting on them. I have to drag him off and try to get him into the car while he’s pulling my hair out, I ended up having to punch him and force him into the car. The day after he woke up on the floor at the skatepark and had no idea of anything.

Disturbing fact: If the population of china walked past you in a single file line, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction.

Tip to the reader: Buy a Death board, drink beer, drink Sailor Jerrys, by some turn tables, buy a fixed wheel bike, skate at Central, watch Chris Atherton skate, listen to drum n bass, listen to death metal, skate Indy trucks, walk around the house naked, go to independent stores, wear fancy dress, learn to skate vert, buy records, spit off high buildings, sing in the shower, ask pete king to tell you a good story, go to Amsterdam, watch Saxondale, listen to Jinjahbless, support Manchester City, rub smooth receipts on your lips, get tattoo’s, make music, fight people who are ruining society, get into Fred Dibnah, watch the PUMF weekend in the city video...