This weeks Favourites is up now and ready for your eyes and brain to take in, with head of Blueprint team operations, Berrics regular, part time LA resident and fully paid up member of the Fairfield Army, Paul Shier.

Get reading below, and scroll to the bottom of the page for some certified classic Shier business from the 1996 Blueprint/Panic release 'A Mixed Media'. 'Make Friends With The Colour Blue' - coming soon!


Way to start the day:Crawling out of my bed and into a bowl of oatmeal and a cup decaf coffee.

Skatespot: Fairfield 1995, nothing will ever beat that.

Skatepark: Berrics.

Song to listen to when skating: Rocky 4 training montage- Vince Dicola.

Skate video: Of all time I think it has to be Questionable - Plan B.

Skate section: Mike Carrol- Modus Operandi.

Movie: Sexy Beast

Band: Right now I am feeling Dinosaur Jr again.

Album: Green Mind

Person: Every Family member and friend of mine.

Material Possession: As I am in L.A right now I guess it would have to be the car, not so much of a favorite more like a necessity. Then again it is a pretty funny car so I will call it a favourite.

Fairfields memory: Summer 1995, skating those plant pots, playing football, smoking hash, locals, Lambrini, Rat and Parrot and no care in the world.

Fairfields local: Lee, Skinner, Billy, Ray, Peter Lee/Hunt, Glenn, Rob, Jake, Ben, Neil.

Skater at the moment: Jake Johnson.

None skating pass-time: Cooking

Skate trip to date: First Blueprint trip to Mallorca, 10 or so years ago.

Comedy Mallorca incident: Ches playing Charades while Smithy tries to guess.

Magee quote: ' Mate, seriously...'

Baines quote: " Cup of tea mate" - knowing I hate that shit.

Time in your life: Time is now.

Special move in a game of SKATE: The crappy double flip and some other terrors from the 90's.

YouTube clip: 'Driving on Salvia - extended version.'

Board, ever: One of my first - Vision John Grigley mini, Hosoi 'Rockets' and Thunders.

Disturbing experience: Recent anxiety attacks I seemed to have acquired.

Tip to the reader: Laugh at it all, always.

Shier in 'A Mixed Media' (1996):