Yorkshire export and now full time Scotland resident Paul 'Man' Silvester took some time out from his hectic schedule as a Radworx skateboard instructor to fill us in on his 'favourites' this week, which can now be read below.

Also, as an added bonus, Man has hooked us up with his section from a never properly released 1996 Leeds scene video, which can be found underneath. Some of the footage was reused in Viewfinder 1, but the most part of it is unseen. Enjoy...


Way to start the day: Cup o' Yorkshire tea and toast.

Skatespot: Uni Banks in Leeds. Not had a chance to session them for a while.

Skatepark: There's loads of new ones just been built I’d like to session, but will have to go with Hyde Park for the locals that are always a laugh to be around.

Skate video: That new Nike one was good, apart form the setup smashing windows and shit.

Skate section: Frankie Hill - "Propaganda" (1990), Jamie Thomas - "Welcome to Hell" (1996), and any Gino section.

Tipple: Red Stripe (easy vibe)

Movie: The Life of Brian

Band: Kings of Leon, at the mo.

Album: Radiohead - 'The Bends' (a lot of good and sad memories every time I listen to it)

Person: I should put our lass, but I’ll go with me Mum. Sorry love.

Material possession: Collection of OG 'bomber boards.

None skating pass-time: Getting out of the city and into the wild. Unfortunately doesn’t happen as often as I would like.

Recent internet rumour you've heard about yourself: I’m scared to go fast. The youth of today have no idea, ha ha.

'Silvergult' youth: ????????????

Local slang saying (Yorkshire): Bit out of touch with that. No dought I’ll get a slagging for that comment next time I’m down. “Get brews on".

Local slang saying (Scotland): "Get te fuck". I don’t think I could spell out some of the things I hear from folk. Been up here 4 years and still have to ask some folk to repeat themselves.

Thing about the Radworx TF: Moving to a bigger place this year and it’s just going to get bigger after that.

Thing about fathering Tom Harrison: He’s turned out alright didn’t he? Chaps doing well for himself.

Memorable incident involving Doug: He got a fringe full of meat.

Skate trip to date: Japan, Dope tour with a bunch of vegetarians. Go see Japan if you can, amazing place. Doing the “Ride With Us Tour" ( Scottish part ) next week. That could end up high on the list.

Time in your life: About 95% of it, shit happens. Last month in Vancouver was pretty special.

Special move in a game of SKATE: Not letting that out, but I’ve got a few.

Comedy YouTube clip: www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-DajyUCCas - It’s not comedy, or maybe it is? I think it's fucking RAD and what skateboarding is about.

Board, ever: Harry bastard bomber board with the spider on it. His girlfriend did the graphic (now wife, Sal) the shape was amazing. Unfortunately I left the last one that was in stock on a train in Birmingham at the start of a Dope tour, gutted. Donny Barley, Toy Machine “Smoker" board was pretty sick.

Disturbing experience: A kid taking part in Radworx the other day saying he had swine flue five weeks ago. To find out later on he got it wrong and was meant to be staying home for the next five weeks. Cheers.

Michael Jackson song: “I Want You Back" (Video Days, Mariano)

Tip to the reader: Don’t believe the hype, unless you know the truth.

Paul Silvester - Leeds, 1996