Putting in his second appearance on the site this week, our 'Favourites' subject today is Bristols finest Swansea transplant, Elton John obsessive and Rockstar addict, Nicky Howells! Give it a read below now, and scroll to the bottom of the page for a short clip of Nicky and housemate Dave Snaddon at Horfield skatepark!


Way to start the day: Scrambled egg on toast and maybe a Rockstar, depends!

Skatespot: Lloyds - f*cking love it!

Skatepark: Dean Lane and Horfield.

Song to listen to when skating: Depends, been listening to loads of Elton - 'Tiny Dancer' is a lush song to skate to.

Skate video: "Skateboard Café" - a new vid from Bristol, f*cking sick.

Meal: Spicy rice with turkey and carrots. F*cking dope, innit bra!

Movie: 'Anchorman'

Band: Obviously it's The Heartbreakers!

Album: "Make Love To A Girl Then Be Really Nasty To Her Afterwards And Ignore Her" by The Heartbreakers.

Person: Hardflip Hopkins. The Hoppa is the dopest, I like him very much.

Material Possession: My laptop, she's lush.

Thing about living with Snaddon: Loads - he makes the nicest teas, band practice, darts.

Welsh skater: Chris f*cking Jones!

Bristol skater: Snadzz, Bonus, Bri, Dad and the Hungry Hoppa!

Time in your life: Moving to Bristol, meeting the soundest people and skating everyday - f*cking loving it mayn!

Special move in a game of SKATE: Fakie double heel - spicy as f*ck!

Comedy YouTube clip: Matey trying out for the X Factor so fucking funny!

Board, ever: Snadz board on Motive - f*cking sick as!

Memory from growing up in Swansea: Skatepark hoes, snooker with Dai C, working with Joe and macking it with Tristan

Memory from last years Emerica tour: Rhys Grogan sleeping with his trousers down on the toilet with sick all over his hair. I got the sickest photo on my phone.

Thing about Rockstar: Everything - the look, the color, the taste, the texture, THE FEELING.

Family Guy quote: "Lois, I find this meatloaf rather shallow and pedantic."

Disturbing experience: Coming back from town on the bus in Swansea, having some 50 year old gnarly biker dude with full on tattoos on his neck and head job staring at me non stop until he was getting off, then he chucked a bit of paper on my lap when he got off and it had his name and number on it. F*cking rank. I kept seeing him on every bus I was on, basically it was proper gay stalker shit.

Nicky and Snaddon at Horfield: