Morph, who should be officially addressed as 'The Mayor of Walthamstow' from here on in, is our 'Favourites' subject this week, as he takes time off from his day job in a nursery and filming with a vast assortment of London types to do some typing for your entertainment.

Get reading underneath, and check Morphs 'Tales of the Black Glove: Mallorca' episode at the bottom of the page!


Way to start the day: With a trip to the café, topped off with a recreational stick.

Skatespot: Shell Centre! RIP.

Skatepark: Harlow

Song to listen to when skating: Not really down with skating to music, but it would have to be some Sizzla.

Skate video: Lost and Found! Remember going to the premiere of it and being so stoked.

Skate section: Way too many to choose from!

Movie: 'Old Skool'

Band: Modest Mouse.

Album: Dre '2001' - only album I remember buying.

Person: Probably my dad.

Material Possession: My cameras and laptop.

Thing about living in Walthamstow: East 17 came from here! And all my mates are close!

Walthamstow skater: Jak Pietryga. His board is being dropped soon as well. Go buy it!

None skating pass-time: Chilling out with mates, watching films, reading and tappin' hotties.

Story from the nursery: When a kid aged 3 told me that his mum has a smelly pussy. Ha!

Chicken shop: Chicken Spot!

Skate trip to date: My first trip with Blueprint to Mallorca.

Comedy Magee quote: “Right guys I am going for a wank."

Bit of footage you've filmed: Anything for 'Make Friends With The Colour Blue'.

Time in your life: Everyday!

Special move in a game of SKATE: 360 flip. Not very special I know.

YouTube clip: MC Hotwheels!

Board, ever: Some Reaction board I had years ago.

Disturbing experience: Watching someone get hit by a car!

Tip to the reader: Go and skate!

Morphs "Tales of the Black Glove" episode: