Arizona native, Matix rider and latest addition to the US leg of the Blueprint international operation, Marty Murawski, follows in the footsteps of team-mate Chewy Cannon by divulging his list favourites this week – get reading below!

Photo courtesy of Matt Price/Caught in the Crossfire.


Way to start the day: If it's summer time, a swim in the pool. Winter, probably hot cup of coffee.

Skatespot: Paral-lel.

Skatepark: Chandler.

Song to listen to when skating: Something mellow to cruse around to. “Castles in the Air"- Don McLean.

Skate video: Of all time - “Questionable" or “Virtual Reality". I started skating again after I walked into the living room and my brother was watching Questionable. I was going out to the fridge outside, never made it. Watched the whole vid and started skating again like the next day.

Skate section: Probably Duffy in 'Virtual Reality'.

Movie: Shawshank Redemption.

Band: Man, so many good ones... gonna have to go with Cat Stevens. Or completely the opposite - old Metallica, everything up to "...and Justice For All". I loved it growing up.

Album: Best of Cat Stevens.

Person: Steve Chavosky.

Alcoholic beverage: Clan Macgregor.

Material Possession: Laptop.

Memory from your trip to London: It's expensive, haha. Naw, fun skating and Bon Jovi.

Arizona area skater: Steve Chavosky.

Arizona slang saying: I can't think of any.

None skating pass-time: Shooting hoops with friends.

Skate trip to date: First time going to France and Spain, went to film for the Filmbot vid.

Magee quote: I don't really have many yet, but in time...

Time in your life: Man, like the last 7-8 years.

Special move in a game of SKATE: Frontside bigger spin.

YouTube clip: I edited this one, it's off the Matix site. Hype on the animatronics!

Board, ever: I got this Te La Soul Girl board I was super hyped on, and the first day I had it my brother grabbed it out of my hands and tried a late back foot heel flip and snapped it. It was brand new. I think that board would have been my favourite - bummer!

Disturbing experience: Some bum rolled up to this party and was just hanging out, so I went up and talked to him and gave him a beer. After I talked to him, some dudes at the party were like "dude Marty who's that dude you were talking to?" I told them it was my uncle Don Murawski. The dude ended up getting kick out of the party twice, once for dancing with some chicks with his pants down - dude had no undies on - then for trying to hug a girl with his pants down while she was juggling some flaming rope things. After he left everyone was like "Marty your uncle is crazy"! haha, it was funny.

Tip to the reader: Don't give a bum a beer and tell everyone he is your uncle.

Marty's "Mag Minute":