Rounding off a Brighton themed week of sorts on the site, today we have 'Favourites' with “Brighten" star, world traveler and current Bristol resident, Louis Cooper.

Have a read of what Louis is feeling below, and be sure to cop “Brighten" when it appears in stores in the not too distant future!

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Way to start the day: Bacon sarnie with tea n two sugs.

Skatespot: Gotta be Stalin Square - Prague.

Skatepark: Mystic cup - closest thing we got to LA river.

Song to listen to when skating: “The sound of the board" - Setup.

Skate video: Fully Flared - Pure inspiration.

Skate section: Stefan Janowski - Subtleties.

Movie: Into the Wild / Apocalypto / Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas

Band: Cut Copy/Shins

Album: "Hinterland" - Aim

Person: Denzel - “My Man"

Material Possession: The Pod

Thing about Bristol uni life: Nightlife!

None skating pass-time: Music

Brighton skater: Jambo Killa P

Skate trip to date: Prague still stands out….need a round two…or ‘project 2’.

Time in your life: Easily traveling round South East Asia ‘08

Special move in a game of SKATE: Nollie inward heels reevs.

Comedy YouTube clip: World record belly flop.

Quote: “Live every day like it was your last" - Pretty tough though!

Amusing story from your trip to Asia: Pissed up skinny dipping in Vietnam thinking we were the shit, then clearly seeing a fin and bricking it like you wouldn’t believe! Dusk and dawn are their munching times too!

Sketchy Level incident: The goth who got stabbed in the heart due to a mistaken identity, The Level was covered in blood and the rail and box were taken for evidence - pretty heavy!

Disturbing experience: That baghead who O.D’d in the level toilets and had to have the notorious adrenaline injection to resuscitate him, I thought he was a goner!

Tip to the reader: You only live once.

Louis in Bristol, flmed and edited by Liam 'Shicken' Jefferies.