The regular footed half of Truro's Smith twins divulges his list of favourite things this week, so cast an eye below to see what Leo is into at the minute.

Also, keep an eye out for some up to date Leo Smith action in the next issue of the mag from the DC UK trip to Seville, and get yourself down to the recently opened Truro Plaza if you can now the weather's sort of getting better – the place is amazing! More from there soon...


Way to start the day: Mug of tea and a game of Pro Evo.

Skatespot: Truro Skate Plaza.

Skatepark: Mount Hawke.

Song to listen to when skating: I can't listen to music while skating. If I was to then it would be Fat Jon - “Your Purpose".

Skate video: Penal Code, the REAL video, Trilogy.

Skate section: Petr Horvat - “A Nomad Point of View".

Band: C2C

Album: Lady Sovereign - “Jigsaw"

Person: Da bird.

Material Possession: It's a bit of an embarrassing material possession, but I own a geek messenger pad for my PS3 controller.

None skating pass-time: Football.

Truro area skater: Pablo Aresu

Thing about the new Truro Plaza: That it's on my door step.

Skate trip to date: Fenchurch trip to Hong Kong in 2002.

Memory from Januarys DC trip to Seville: Sean kicking an orange at Dylan was quite memorable, also the waitress at the 'one euro' bar. She wouldn't serve me or Dave for some reason and had a face like a slapped ass.

Quote from Seville: "DC ALL UP IN THIS QUICHE!"

Type of quiche: 'Chicken Dijon Quiche' - it really is quite delicious!

Comedy Jody quote: "Please let me win" - a schools sports day.

Time in your life: Now.

Special move in a game of SKATE: Nollie backfoot impossible (occasionally).

Comedy YouTube clip: Grapes and My Ass

Money saving technique: Packed lunches!

Disturbing experience: I broke wind whilst skating a spot in Hong Kong and I shit myself. I don't think I've ever told anyone that before...

Tip to the reader: Don't urinate on your mates leg when you're drunk because you'll be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life. Forgive me, Luds!

Leo's DC UK edit: