The Sunday before last, Lee Dainton literally smashed his wrist to pieces skating the new park at Hereford and ended up been laid up in hospital for the best part of a week. To try and help in relieve the mind-numbing boredom of being bed bound for five days straight, we sent Daint over some 'Favourites' questions to get stuck into, the answers to which can be read by your eyes underneath right this very second!

Here's to a speedy recovery, boss! And keep an eye out for a promo for the upcoming Kill City video which such be appearing pretty soon...

Oh, and check out the Pritchard vs Dainton live show trailer at the bottom of the page, too!


Way to start the day: 7:30am, sun shining, sober and ready for the unexpected.

Skate spot: Cardiff banks, 1988…

Skate park: Hereford. The bowl might of taken my wrist to the cleaners but it's still the closet thing to a rollercoaster ride I’ve skated.

Song to listen to when skating: 'Rein in Blood' - nothing turns that switch like that track can, it's dangerous.

Skate video: 'Mind Field' - I got goose bumps when those bagpipes kicked in at the beginning, start to finish masterpiece. It's also the only video since I was I kid I can play before I go out skating to get amped…timeless classic, up there with 'Video Days'.

Skate section: It's not a section, but seeing John Cardiel hammer around on a bike and pump that bowl after what happened to him is pure inspirational.

Movie: 'Evil Dead 2' motherfuckers!

Band: The Beastie Boys - those boys have killed it in a load of different genres that I really like.

Album: Pink Floyds 'Dark Side of the Moon'.

Person: Right now the doctor who just pieced my arm back together without cutting through any nerve branches, I could give him a kiss.

Material possession: Does my passport count? I'd feel imprisoned without it.

None skating pastime: Traveling, even if it’s just a walk up the mountain with my dog…

Sunday stooge session: Last Sundays at Hereford. I got my hand down on the steps in the shallow carving over them, then 5 minutes later I took my hand off in the deep end putting it down with a few more g’s going through it. Also, I got to introduce the Sunday Stooges off it on morphine in the hospital.

Welsh skater: Nicky Howells – skills, character and personality.

Dirty Sanchez trip: Australia tour 08. As soon as I landed on the tarmac at Sydney airport after a 24 hour flight I got a text message that read “tour canceled" - pure Spinal Tap. Myself, Pritchard and the tour manager spent the next three weeks traveling in a motor home up the East Coast skating and surfing… best tour ever!

Skate trip to date: Freeride tour of Amsterdam with Cates, Zorlac, Cantelow, Pullman, Pritch and Rich the photographer. Didn’t stop laughing and swearing the whole time. Pullman kept on having a go about my tourettes problem which made it worse and in turn made Cates cry laughing, which lead to more touretting and laughter to Pullmans disapproval. Since then, Cashman took the title and I turned into Pullman, haha.

Time of your life: Right now, there's so much shit to do and going on.

Special move in a game of skate: 360 late shove it.

Comedy youtube clip: Ross Kemp on gangs spoof by The Milk (which has now been taken down...)

Board ever: Jason Jesse 'Neptune' - it was the first pro board I bought, it lasted 8 months, the tail got that worn down and short I re-drilled new truck holes further up the board to make the tail longer again.

Pritchard quote: "Air is a funny thing, it's in your car tyres and fills them out, it's in your lungs and puffs them out, it even blows around as the wind but you can't see it...fucking trippy shit, dude."

Way to kill time in hospital: Doing this for Sidewalk laid in bed sweating like a junkie on a piss mattress.

Amusing hospital moment so far: It's amusing now but last night I woke up at 3am with an really old lady standing over me. I almost swallowed my tongue I was that freaked out. I'm in an open ward but with my own room so she came in sleepwalking, she did it again an hour later, I woke up to her peeping through the door at me, the spooky creepy old fucker gave me goose bumps. I’m gonna repay her tonight and go into her room with a blanket over my head…

Disturbing experience involving Porno Paul: Last Saturdays music video shoot for Beefcores new track, 'Gates of Hell'. Porno got baby oiled up by the hands of a hairy man in a pink dress, the studio went silent for ten minutes then we all left without speaking. Sounded funny at the time but most things do until the act is done. It was only art…

Tip to the reader: It’s not a tip but texting 'LOL' is completely fag, for those that do it - fucking stop it!

Ok, tip for the reader - never drop in from the same spot twice in a pool, bowl, mini or vert ramp, or any transition for that matter. Keep moving about and you’ll find all the lines and not get into the rut of doing the same shit every run. Passed down from Stu Graham and the Creature works.

...and here's a bonus X-ray of Daints wrist...

The 'Pritchard vs Dainton' live show trailer: