After making the switch from Blind to Crayon Skateboards last week, Bristols' Korahn Gayle fills you in on his 'Favourites' today, so cast your eyes below and have a little read.

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Way to start the day: With a blowey (never happened).

Skatespot: The Warehouse, Bristol.

Skatepark: The Warehouse, Bristol.

Skate video: Transworld “Subtleties".

Skate section: Janoski - Transworld “Subtleties".

Movie: Cable Guy.

Band: Iron Maiden I guess!

Person: Louis Marshall.

Material Possession: My man baaaaag! Helps me not lose things!

None skating pass-time: Bit o' soccer, bit o' puss. Ha, I wish...

Bristol skater: The Burnham bros!

Trick done down Lloyds: Ollie nosegrab, Terry Shimmi - steeeeze!

Comedy Dykie story: There are too many but once he went to the toilet at Mackeys' and somehow blocked the toilet with a fat nige, then he used a plastic bag to fish it out and put it in Mackeys bin! What a tool, haha! His poo smells of baby shit!

Dykie quote: “Oh shit (in a quiet Welsh voice)..." followed by many different bad things!

Item of significance that you've lost: Laptops, iPods, phones...but best of all my virginity last night!

Reason for missing a flight: Helsinki a month ago - the night before my bro bought me KFC and said “do you want a bottle of Coke?" I said no so he got me one anyway. I didn't drink it so in the morning I put it in my bag with my passport thinking I might get thirsty on the flight. I got to the airport three hours later and it turned out the bottle was slightly open, so my passport was sitting in a puddle of Coke for the whole journey. They didn't let me fly 'cos the passport was FUUUUCKED!

Skate trip to date: Helsinki - I love Gatwick airport!

Time in your life: Laughing at a kid in assembly 'cos he had a really funny voice!

Special move in a game of SKATE: Nollie hardflip!

Comedy YouTube clip:

Board, ever: Fifty-Fifty Sickboy design.

Disturbing experience: When I thought a girls butterfly sneezed, that was so weird! I'll tell you the details if you ask me...

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Big Push 09 edit: The Nike one! We had lots of fun!!!

Korahns' section from Puzzle: