We move from Brightlingsea to Tingley today, as we follow up last weeks Carl Wilson penned installment with a 'Favourites' from the owner of the largest comedy cranium in UK skateboarding, and full time professional lurker, Josh 'Manhead' Young.

When you're finished reading, scope Manhead taking second place at last weekends NASS festival street finals at the bottom of the page, too.

Photo: Powley


Way to start the day: Wake up, have a cup of tea or orange juice, then butter me up a cinnamon and raisin bagel.

Skatespot: Roz's secret barrier, Leeds.

Skatepark: Saffron Walden.

Song to listen to when skating: I can't listen to music when skating, but if I did it would probably 'Respect' by Biggy.

Skate video: "Trilogy"

Skate section: Danny Way - “Questionable"

Movie: "Hot Rod" - soooo funny!

Band: Florence and the Machine.

Album: "Moonwalker" - MJ.

Person: Doug the Slug.

Material Possession: iPhone. Or my car.

Thing about Tingley: There's nothing good about Tingley.

None skating pass-time: Lurking.

Leeds skater: Leon Bottomley.

Skate trip to date: The random camping trip with the Scots and other stowaways.

Time in your life: Going to Austria on for the Wangl Tangl skate comp/snowboard holiday.

Special move in a game of SKATE: Nollie casper flip, or back foot flips.

Board, ever: Mark Gonzales - Real “camouflage"

Memory from this years NASS: Jason (Cloete) getting wrecked and skating through the snakeboarders final and crashing into a wall before getting pulled off the course by a massive snakeboarding enthusiast.

Dougy quote: "She looks well dippable, them arse cheeks are squidgable"

Memory from last months random camping trip: Making up Harry Lintell's fantasy world with the Geggs whilst drunk.

Way to wind up Powley: Watching him on his laptop when he's working, and getting in the way of the mirrors when he's driving.

Lurking location: Currently Manchester with Tez, in the shop thing they've got going on there.

Disturbing experience: At Wakestock when we were staying in a tee pee. A drunken youth came into it and refused to get out, so Porno Paul decided to get naked and tea bag him. The guy still didn't move until his mates called him gay!

Relentless NASS 2009 Street finals: