This weeks list of favourites is online now, with Landscape pro and Palace Wayward, Joey Pressey!

Check out what he's got to say underneath, then scroll a little further for a quick interview and some 'Horizons' offcuts from Landscape...


Way to start the day: Juice, tea some toast followed by a cigarette or two and a stroll with Stells.

Skatepark: Stockwell has been fixed up so well! Thanks to Gorm and Jeremy!

Skate video: Watched the first FTC video yesterday - it's got it all.

Movie: Twin Peaks.

Band: Uncle John and Whitelock.

Book: 'The Old Man and the Sea' by Ernest Hemmingway.

Person: My old dear.

Material Possession: That would have to be my guitar, got it off a mate a few years ago - best forty quid I ever spent!

Thing about living with the Waywards: It's like on big happy dysfunctional family! Lots of love but also the occasional ding dong hehe.

Rory quote: "Back of the net" or any of his Alan Partridge ones.

None skating pass-time: A few bevvies and a game of pool.

London skater: Nick Jensen hands down.

Bournemouth skater: Wayne Kelly was always sick.

Skate trip to date: First trip to Mallorca with the Blueprint lot and Olly Barton, some of us got an ass whoopin' but it was good times!

Time in your life: I remember being born.

Special move in a game of SKATE: Backside Lion of Judah.

Comedy YouTube clip:

Board, ever: Probably my first one, it was an Ocean Howell Birdhouse deck.

Disturbing experience: Who has a favorite disturbing experience?

'Horizons' offcuts and an interview with Joey and Rory, courtesy of Landscape.