This weeks 'favourites' is online now with Ashfords finest yoot on the up, winner of the recent DVS 'Hook Me Up' comp and probably the most genuinely stoked skater in the UK at the minute, Mr Harry Lintell.

Have a read of what he's got to say below now. And the part about him boning his manager isn't a lie, either...


Way to start the day: Feed the parrot and make myself some toast.

Skatespot: Manchester street, but without the rain.

Skatepark: Dundee concrete because of the good sesh there the other day.

Song to listen to when skating: Joy Division – 'Transmission'.

Skate video: At the minute its got to be Alien Workship 'Mind Field' for just the pure gnarlyness.

Skate section: Cody McEntire in Digital Skateboarding 'Smoke and Mirrors.

Band: The Black Keys.

Album: Any of the ‘Best of the 80’s’, haha.

Person: My mate Dalton cause whenever you go see him he’s blazed and he’ll always say ‘yeeeahhhh’.

Material Possession: Skateboard, and not my phone.

None skating pass-time: BBQ’n in the back garden.

Ashford area skater: My mate Spainy cause he’s always just stoked on everything.

Thing about working in McDonalds: Boning my manager and getting away with everything. haha.

Skate trip to date: War of the Thistles, that was the sickest trip.

Memory from War of the Thistles: Just the whole weekends skating, a friendly bouncer letting me in a club knowing I was underage and then finishing the night with a scooby snack.

Quote from War of the Roses: Ben Raemers, that’s a quote.

Tez story: Nearly getting drawn on by Patty when we stayed up in Aberdeen but he found Kev Parrot firstt and give him some whiskers, just as funny.

Bert (pet parrot) quote: Doo, doo,doo, dooooh doooh, I'm loving it!

Time in your life: Greg Rowes party, it was open house and like 500 people showed and wrecked the place, it looked like a sick and beer bomb had gone off in the back garden. Nobody stayed to help clean...I still avoid him, even now.

Special move in a game of SKATE: Switch late backfoot flips.

Comedy YouTube clip: Not really funny but just super gnarly, the guys got skills to pay the bills -

Money saving technique: There isn't one.

Disturbing experience: Having a full leg cast and finding it proper hard to shit.

Tip to the reader: Have fun cause a lot of people I see down the park don’t look like there having too much fun. Set out for fun, enjoy it while you can cause when you get to Tez’s age…hahahaaaaa. (Tez response - 'cheeky little bastard!')

Harrys 'Hook Me Up' entry: