Straight from the freezing cold Austrian town of Mayrhofen comes Greg Nowiks list of 'Favourites' this week. Cast your eyes below to see what he's got to say, then check back from Monday for footage of this weeks Wangl Tangl mini ramp comp, including the likes of Greg, Marc Churchill, Andy Scott, Manhead, Ben Nordberg and Danny Wainwright!


Way to start the day: Early, bright fresh sunny day with a few fags and strong coffee...

Skatespot: Unit 19

Skatepark: Henderson (I think), Las Vegas or SMP, Shanghai

Mini ramp: Farnbrough

Song to listen to when skating: Skate Noises

Skate video: Savannah Slamma

Skate section: Danny Way "Living Legend" - On Video

Movie: Trainspotting

Band: The Smiths

Album: "The Queen is Dead"

Person: Charlie

Car: Skyline R34 GTR

Cigarette brand: L&B

Material Possession: Bit down on those at the moment.

Place you visited whilst traveling last: Austria

None skating pass-time: Dogging

Southampton skater: Don Brider

Skate trip: Globe "Tour of the North"

Time in your life: Last year, travelling the world with my girlfriend.

Special move in a game of SKATE: 360 Presh

Board, ever: My First one, Softcore. Made by the hand of the Donz.

Memory from this February's trip to Munich: Geggs puking in the sink, then on the bus, then in the bin.

Quote from the Wangl Tangl trip so far: "I tried to put it in my girlfriend ass, but she said that if I went anywhere near it again she would dump me" - Anonymous.

Disturbing experience: A weeks gayness with the Vans boys.

Greg at the Globe 'Mini Ramp Carnage' event in 2007: