Seeing how 2009 is almost one whole month old, it was decided to lay the “Best of 2008" and "Last Orders" interviews to rest and crack on. In their place we have resurrected another long defunct feature from the mag -“Favourites" - and turned it into a weekly feature for the site. As with "Last Orders", a new one will be added every Saturday for the foreseeable future.

Bridgends local Motive pro and DC representative, Dylan Hughes, is our first online "Favourites" subject, so have a read of what Dylan has to say below...


Way to start the day: Perfect start to the day would be a grade and a coffee in my PJs while looking forward to a skate mish later on that day.

Skatespot: The car park under The Rec - as it’s the only ‘spot’ in Bridgend, haha. Bristol is high times...

Skatepark: Mystic Skatepark in Prague maybe? Porthcawl Pads or my old miniramp – R.I.P.

Song to listen to when skating: Depending on what I'm gonna skate it varies, but usually something like Stimulation of Chaos – Reachout...CHHHILLLIINNNN’

Skate video: F*ck… so many! I liked 'In Bloom', but if it’s something a bit more modern then maybe the Fallen vid.

Movie: Ummm, that’s tough. 'Blood Diamond' is pretty deep, but I think 'Superbad’ is going to take it!

Band: El Condor Pasa - a sick band from Bridgend, good music to chill to. It probably sounds like I'm just bigging them up for being Welsh, but they're actually sick as...

Album: The only album I've had in the last year was that Kings of Leon one, because I just steal music off peoples computers. F*ck paying for music!

Person: Anyone of the boys I skate with, or just my friends. I wouldn’t want to say one person.

Material Possession: Maybe my iPod, apart from that - f*ck material possessions. I think it's wrong to become attached to material possessions.

Thing about living in Bridgend: Close group of friends to skate with, all the people I skate with in Bridgend are bowssin and are all a good laugh to be around.

Welsh skater: At the moment, Chris Jones - anyone who’s seen a switch flip from the guy would know why.

Excuse for missing college: ‘Because I got high’

Time in your life: 'Maybe just growing up skating everyday, but its sicker now because I get to drink and do other shit, so maybe now...

Special move in a game of SKATE: Hmmm, I just got the switch front biggie late flips on the go, so maybe they will be brought into play.

Comedy YouTube clip: Aaahhhh come on now! It's got to be 'Ross Kemp on Gangs' by The Milk!

‘Oi! I'm Woss Kemp an I'm in fackin’ fwaaanncceee’ - haha!

Board, ever: When I went on a trip to Paris and left all my boards in Caradogs house I bought a Blueprint Collin Kennedy board from the skate shop. It only lasted a few days but it was the best shape I have ever skated fu’show!

Memory from last weeks DC trip to Seville: Everytime Snaddon whipped out that face he kept making in the photos! Haha!

Quote from the same Seville trip: Chupa me lapolla, maricon!

Family Guy quote:

Quagmire: Hey there sweetie, how old are you?

Connie: 16.

Quagmire: 18? You're first.

Connie: Mom!

Quagmire: I like where this is goin'! Giggidy, giggidy, gig-gi-dy!

Type of quiche:Me and Leo Smith have decided on Mediterranean quiche.

Disturbing experience: Bridgend a pretty disturbing place, most of them happen when I'm too drunk to remember I guess...

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