Following on from housemate and fellow 'Heartbreaker' Nicky Howells last time around, this week its the turn of Dave Snaddon to inform us of his favourite things! Give it a read below, and scroll to the bottom of the page for added Snaddon DC promo edit!

Oh yeah, check out The Dump for a blast from Snaddons past...


Way to start the day: Cup of tea and work on some D n' B tunes I make.

Skatespot: MK theatre benches.

Skatepark: Dean lane!

Song to listen to when skating: "Ganja Farmer" Marlon Asher.

Skate video: Alien Workshop - 'Mind Field'.

Movie: Dumb and Dumber.

Band: The Heartbreakers.

Album: "Make Them Fancy You Then Disappoint Them in the Bedroom" by The Heartbreakers.

Person: “Hammer House Howells."

Material Possession: My turntables.

Thing about living with Nicky: Darts competitions and sing-offs.

Thing about living in Bristol: There's always shit to do and dope nights to go out to.

Bristol skater: Bonus and Bri.

Time in your life: Here and now. Loving life at the mo – chilling, skating and traveling, it's all good.

Special move in a game of SKATE: Backside late roast toad grab.

Comedy YouTube clip: Twisted Individual/pendulum vs The Holy Ghost, “trust me this ones a stinker" SO Funny!

Board, ever: My board on Motive, so stoked, totally stoked! Cha!

Memory from living in Nottingham: I only lived there for 6 months and that was out in the sticks, so I remember smashing one out about 3 times a day!

Memory from last months Seville trip: 1 euro beers all night, that was sweet!

Quote from the Seville trip: DC all up in this quiche!

Family Guy quote: "Joe, can you put your hand shoes on and take out the trash?"

Disturbing experience: Nicky talking about how long his foreskin is.

Snaddons DC promo edit: