After an eventful time in Portugal last week, we tied Edinburgh local and Newtown Powys native Danny Jack down and got him to divulge his 'Favourites' for your reading pleasure.

Read on below...


Way to start the day: A 10 o’clock lie-in and a banana and vanilla ice cream milkshake.

Skatespot: Bristo Square (UK), Stalin Square(Europe)

Skatepark: Oooooffff, so many…Harlow and Prissick come to mind, would love to have them as my local. The Pumpcage takes the indoor trophy.

Song to listen to when skating: You're asking DJ Shit Taste here! Probably some really grimey drum and bass.

Skate video: Shortys 'Fulfill The Dream'

Skate section: Oooo errrrrr, anything from 'Fulfill The Dream', otherwise Kenny Anderson profile from 411 40 or Brian Wenning in 'Photosynthesis'.

Movie: 'Bad Santa', anything by the Coen brothers.

Band: Fleetwood Mac.

Album: Fleetwood Mac 'Greatest Hits'.

Person: My family, then probably Hopkins.

Material Possession: My laptop.

None skating pass-time: Cooking, internet, traveling.

Thing about Edinburgh life: Living two minutes from work and Bristo Square.

Session, ever: Can’t narrow that one down. I do miss the good old days getting blazed and skating Bristo Square all day long, when the summers were hot around 2002.

Skate trip to date: Last week in Porto with The Harmony.

Time in your life: No time like the present.

Owen Hopkins quote: Too many, probably reciting Biggie lyrics then making up his own about going from pink to brown. Dirty f*cker is Owen.

Newtown story: Nothing good comes out of Newtown, it sucks. Oh wait, Owen put chewing gum in Lembit Opiks hair (local Liberal Democrat MP that went out with the Cheeky Girls) 'cause he was sleazing on some underage girls.

Memory from last weeks trip to Portugal: Unfortunately the first thing that comes to mind is getting beat down by some Porto/Euro scallies.

Quote from last weeks trip to Portugal: Can’t think just now, wait for the article.

Special move in a game of SKATE: The "mc’jack twat", undeflip 1 and a half flip.

YouTube clip:

Too many, can I have three?