This weeks 'Favourites' is online right now, with Blackpool native, one half of the 'Royal Family' and fully paid up member of the P.W.B.C, Danny Brady.

Cast your eyes below to get thy read on, and keep an eye out for T'Brady in Make Friends With The Colour Blue, due early 2010 – editing is underway...

Photo: Leo.


Way to start the day: Bacon and eggs.

Skatespot: Milan train station.

Skatepark: Heysham.

Song to listen to when skating: 'Ghost Town' by The Specials.

Skate video: Enjoi 'Bag of Suck' or any of the Tiltmode videos.

Skate section: Mike Carroll - 'Modus Operandi'.

Movie: The Godfather.

Band: Turbogeist.

Album: Nirvana 'Unplugged in New York'.

Person: My dad.

Material Possession: My bed.

Moment on the recent Italy trip: Watching Smithy play the bongo game.

Blackpool Bandstand memory: Pelting tourists with penny sweets.

Skater at the moment: Lucien Clarke.

None skating pass-time: Reading, or a bit of football.

Skate trip to date: China.

Comedy Mallorca incident: Magee being tossed in the pool.

Magee quote: "Smithy - the jump off"

Smithy quote: "We made lung kebabs!" Liver, Neil...liver.

Time in your life: 21.

Special move in a game of SKATE: Kickflip 360 body varial.

YouTube clip: Kid tripping coming back from the dentist.

Board, ever: Consolidated board when I was 15.

Disturbing experience: Getting hit the face by Jerome's board at a comp and winning a grand for best slam.

Tip to the reader: R.I.C.E - Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Brady in 'Tales of the Black Glove: Episode 6.5'