Long time Blueprint pro and Nike SB UK team manager Colin Kennedy is the chosen subject for this weeks 'Favourites', so get involved with his wise words and favourite things below.

Check Colin out in the Nike SB 'West Country Sprawl' edit from earlier this year at the bottom of the page...


Way to start the day: Seems like the days never really end or begin at the moment. It's a never ending life loop...

Skatespot: Some rough old shit nobody else wants to skate.

Skatepark: Sibbarp, Malmo, Sweden.

Song to listen to when skating: House of Pain – ‘Jump Around’ on repeat on Radlands PA back in the 90’s. Classic days.

Skate video: Make Friends With the Colour Blue. Nearly there…

Skate section: Anything Van Wastell, to re-ignite the memory.

Movie: Recently? ‘In the Loop’

Band: The Corries.

Album: Brian Eno – “Another Green World".

Person: I have three to consider, this is putting me in a spot…

Material Possession: Macbook Pro with Ableton Live 7.

Korahn story: When we were in Oz a few years past, Korahn’s shoe had burst at the toe so being very resourceful, he grabbed a sewing kit and mended it one evening. Next day he is complaining about a pain in his toe whilst skating. On further inspection, turned out he had only left the needle stuck in the shoe after repairing it the evening before. He had been skateboarding with the needle in his shoe.

Up and coming Scottish skater: Not really up and coming but always ripping, Callum Barrack.

None skating pass-time: Working on aforementioned material possession.

Skate trip to date: East Coast of US road trip from Miami to New York with Josh Stewart. 2 ½ weeks and I think I filmed one trick but Shier was there and we had a great time, lots of beers, late nights, shady hotels and SO many hours in the van...just classic times.

Comedy Mallorca incident: Oh my gosh…this is a classic….We are riding convoy to Alcudia from Port de Pollenca, Shier and Leo are in the car in front of us, Shier is driving, Leo opens the window and tosses a banana skin over the car to the opposite side of the road into oncoming traffic. The banana skin lands on top of a police car coming in the opposite direction. The police car passes us then does an immediate u-turn and pulls Shier over...we pull in and watch from the distance. The police are raging and give Leo a good dressing down but fortunately no tickets were given…he had better luck with the Spanish police that time. Shier was shitting himself.

Magee quote: This is a favourites…no space for Magee quotes, the good ones, although witty, are usually negative anyway…

Shier quote: “You can’t take it to the grave with you mate"….regarding spending money, kind of ironic, it’s something he’s not really known for…

Time in your life: Always the present…can’t hang on nostalgia, work with the present, so much potential…

YouTube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP9BtScBQaI

Board, ever: My Blueprint Mackintosh pro model.

Disturbing experience: Turbulence on return from Mallorca one year, I was convinced that was it….game over.

Tip to the reader: Follow your own path.

Big Push '09 edit: Ours of course…Korahn commentary is golden.

Nike SB - 'West Country Sprawl'