After appearing in the pages of the latest issue of the mag discussing his career as an 'urban people courier' around the streets of Barcelona, Chewy Cannon is laying claim to the Sidewalk webspace today as this weeks 'Favourites' recipient.

Get reading what the Gorleston native, long time member of the Blueprint family and Adidas Europe UK representative has to say below, then check out his section from the 2007 Great Yarmouth DVD “Rolling Like Kings" at the bottom of the page!

Morph and Chewy - stolen from the Blueprint 'Black Glove' blog.


Way to start the day: Cuppa and some sunshine.

Skatespot: Southbank, the streets of London and New York, and St Marys Catholic School.

Skatepark: I can't say I've really got a favourite skatepark, but any outdoor ones are cool.

Song to listen to when skating: I'd say anything thats fast and ragga. Sizzla Capleton.

Skate video: Penal Code 100a, Eastern Exposure “Underachievers", Toy Machine “Welcome To Hell" and “Anthems"

Skate section: Cardiel – Transworld “The Reason", Gangemi – Zoo York “Mixtape", Stevie Williams - “The Chocolate Tour".

Movie: Drop Dead Fred, Little Miss Sunshune, Milk, Gravesend, Lord of the Flies.

Band: Lonely Grey Couch, Dumbfoundus.

Album: Biggie “Ready to Die", Wu-Tang “36 Chambers", Capleton “Still Blazin".

Person: My girl, my mum and dad, my big sis and G Gump.

Material Possession: Guitar, tea cup collection from round the world, iPod, caps.

Moment on your recent trip to Berlin: Indian food was a highlight and two euro pizzas. I was stoked to see a few untanned faces from home, and the swimming pool was good too.

Memory from filming for Adidas 'Diagonal': Getting to travel all over the place was a big highlight of filming, but just the people I was with made it good times. So many good nights it's hard to choose a story. I like that Lem was getting wasted in the room of the hotel in Hollywood because he was to young to go out, so he drew a beard on himself to try look like a man! (laughs)

Thing about Barcelona life: Sunshine, lifestyle, herbal, cost of living, skate spots.

Skater at the moment: OK, if Antwuan had a baby with Busenitz, and then Gino and Karl Watson had a baby, and then those two babies had a baby, it would be him for sure!

None skating pass-time: Legalize it (laughs)! I've been playing ping pong lately, thats good. And the guitar, and Jamesons.

Skate trip to date: New York was fucking sick, Hotel O'Connor's had a good vibe. Poland with the boys was sick too, potatoes and vodka for days. I think there's been way to many to choose from.

Comedy Mallorca incident: Double hill bomb slam with Morph and Magee haha. We had the 'table tennis championships' last time we was there, and Morph managed to smack himself in the grill with his own bat somehow. (Laughs)

Magee quote: None really from Magee, but Smiffy is the quote master like: "I had a lung kebab the other night and it was well nice" meaning liver. Bless him, he still thinks we're living in the Twentieth Century too, him.

Morph quote: "What's a tangerine, man?"

Time in your life: Now and then.

Special move in a game of SKATE: Dirtywallbanger to one foot late shove disaster. Gets 'em every time!

YouTube clip: Matt Mills in Barcelona, '05 till Infinity. And drunk monkeys!

Board, ever: All the Blueprint boards I ride I love, so BLUEPRINT!

Disturbing experience: Well I guess that that's got to be the China food poisoning 'cause that was really bad, although I did go on a few tours with the Dirty Sanchez boys before they were getting paid for that shit, and that was pretty shocking. We drove to Barca from England and it took 24 hours, when we were on the ferry across Joyce got naked and starting playing footy (laughs), it was pretty bad cause there was families and shit right there. That whole trip was fucking mental, we stayed in camp site with loads of the Bridgend massive, but I bailed on the tents and slept in the car 'cause I knew it was gonna be a massacre of sleepless nights, as 'sleep when ya dead' was the slogan for Stimulus. haha...good times!

Tip to the reader: Time waits for no man so fucking do something!

Chewy - "Rolling Like Kings" (2007)