We've been keeping it Ipswich (sort of) on the site this week, with footage from this years 'Concrete Carnage' at Romford going online back on Tuesday, Carl 'Potter' Wilsons 'Favourites' on this very page, and an Ipswich based Sunday Service on its way to your inbox at around 11am tomorrow.

Anyway, get reading what Potter has to say underneath, and check the Romford footage at the bottom of the page...


Way to start the day: Wake up get some Frosties and rains on the go, cup of tea and about 10 smokes, then shower.

Skatespot: Third and Army, SF.

Skatepark: Saffron Walden.

Song to listen to when skating: Any metal really, that will get me amped up.

Skate video: Ant Hero - 'Tent City'

Skate section: Ben Raemers - he’s the best.

Movie: Donnie Dark.

Band: Bon Iver.

Album: The Strokes – “Is This It?"

Person: Raemers.

Material possession: My DVDs.

None skating pass-time: Playing the guitar and golf.

Thing about Brightlingsea: Inbred.

Ipswich skater: Adam Howe.

Local slang saying: C*nt.

Skate trip to date: West Coast of the USA.

Time in your life: Getting drunk with Rye in Ipswich last Saturday – haha.

Special move in a game of SKATE: Ollie impossible.

Board, ever: Any Creature board.

Memory from last years Independent tour: Skating with Grosso was just sick - so good.

Munson quote: "Do it you c*nt or you won't get a lift home!"

Disturbing experience: Washing old people.

Michael Jackson song: F*ck Jackson, he is still alive. Nah, man in the mirror.

Tip to the reader: Don’t play with Karen she is bad for you.

'Concrete Carnage' at Romford, 2009.