Becky Jaques took a tumble at Skegness a couple of weeks back and, as a result, has been forced to take her seat on the UK skateboarding injury bench, which has seen more than its fair share of action this winter!

Anyway, ahead of next weeks highly anticipated "As If, And What?" all girl skate film premiere, Becky took some time to divulge her 'Favourites' for you - give them a read below...

Becky - Rock fakie, Livi. Photo: CJ


Way to start the day: With pink pancakes!

Skatespot: Walsgrave fountain.

Skatepark: Whitstable.

Song to listen to when skating: Girly stuff...

Skate video: Any Thrasher or Anti Hero videos.

Movie: V For Vendetta.

Book: Cecilia Ahern - “A Place Called Here".

Band: Brand New.

Album: Paramore - “Riot".

Person: Nic Powley.

Material Possession: My puma (car)

None skating pass-time: Moshing!

Item of significance you've lost: My favourite jumper ever, that I've lost twice! Gutted.

UK skater: Daryl Nobbs.

Skate trip to date: Nueu 'Ride With Us' 2008! Best trip I'll ever go on!

Time in your life: Skateboarding so far.

Special move in a game of SKATE: No complies, just to upset everyone who takes it that bit too serious.

Comedy YouTube clip: – nutjob.

Board, ever: Gold Anti Hero with a pink eagle.

Memory from 2009 so far: The Heathen tour!

Quote from 2009 so far: ‘I was looking at the shower gel’ from Jason Cloete. Ask him.

Disturbing experience: My knee - destroying your knee sucks! Getting fixed at the end of the month hopefully though so watch this space!

Tip to the reader: Have a good Christmas!

Big Push 09 edit: Vans, and Shiner!

Becky Jaques - 08/09 edit: