Episode 9, Season 4 - Eli Reed podcast from The Bunt Live: Boston-born Eli Reed chats to The Bunt Live on growing up in Boston, going to jail after being caught in a rapper's car with somebody elses' gun, skating with PJ Ladd and Zered Bassett as a kid, crazy outfits and why he picked that track in Zoo York's State of Mind.

If you can think of another skateboarding podcast that's going to discuss going to nightclub parties with Khloe Kardashian with a current skate pro, then you must be living in another dimension.

We rep The Bunt Live hard because it is truly the greatest podcast out there - click here for all previous episodes of The Bunt Live. Weirdly, there's no mention of Eli Reed's Tenga sex toy sponsorship - maybe he got kicked off?