The Friday before last, a crew of us, including Andy Scott, Manhead, Barney Page, Chris Johnson, James Gardner and Niall Kenny, found ourselves at a house party in Stoke Newington prior to flying out to Munich the next day for the annual ISPO tradeshow and Volcom mini ramp comp.

We thought it would probably be the most appropriate time to get an Andy Scott "Best of 2009" interview together, which was going quite well until we got chucked out of the party by the people whose house it was. Anyway, here's what we managed to get on tape. Enjoy...

Top 3 skaters of 2009?

Ed Belvedere – he came up.

Mike Wright – he's got to be in there.

Mr Beckett!

Top 3 videos of 2009?


“Mind Field" – what's the other version of Mind Field? The re-edit!

What other videos came out last year? “Deathbowl to Downtown"!

...we get thrown out of the house party...

Top three things about house parties in London?

Don't go! Best three things...?

Throwing lemons around.

Being kicked out of someones' room for threatening to pilfer things.

Uptight students.

Top three Bolton locals from back in the day?

Eddie again.

Josh Parr

Danny Bones!!!

What about Tez?

He was a worker.

Gardner: Top three Spice Girls, in order, as they were in 1995?

Mel B

...oh, this is tough. I'm gunna be controversial and say Geri.

Then Baby Spice!

...night bus turns up, and we out.

Andy claiming second at the "Volcom To Paradise" mini ramp comp: