To round off the year, each week we'll be finding out what certain indivduals made of 2008, starting now with Hornseas very own Paul Regan.

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Top 3 UK skaters of 2008?

Kris Vile - he killed it this year.

Mark Baines - Doco interview was sick.

Mike Wright - He also killed it this year.

Top 3 videos of 2008?

Fallen 'Ride The Sky' - yes Chris Cole!

DVS 'Dudes, Dudes, Dudes'

'Baghead Flats'

Top 3 video parts of 2008?

Chris Cole – 'Ride The Sky'

Euro Dudes -

Torey Pudwill – 'Dudes, Dudes, Dudes'.

Top 3 events of 2008?

Bridlington opening jam.

Concrete Carnival at Bridlington.

UKSA National Championships - and I'm off to the Christmas Crossfire Jam, that should be a good one.

Top 3 non skating pass-times of 2008?

Getting pissed out my face with the Hull lads ha ha, good times!

Lurking on the interweb.

Watching movies.

Top 3 quotes of 2008?

‘Louis F*cking Richards Blad!’

‘Need some Badger mate!'

‘Badger is definitely on the agenda tonight, standards pet!’

Top 3 skaters to watch out for in 2009?

Hull skaters!

Erm, not too sure really, I think new skaters will emerge and blow up, but who knows?

Top 3 things you were stoked on doing in 2008?

Getting a lot done with skating.

Meeting new friends.

Traveling all over the place.

Top 3 things you never got round to doing in 2008?

Buying a new car.

Getting some new x box games, really wanted Call Of Duty 4.

Can’t think of anything else!

Top 3 personal aims for 2009?

Get a couple more interviews out.

Finish my part for the new Hull video, out early 2009!

Skate and travel around a lot more.

Regan at the second leg of this years Concrete Carnival: