Dedicated forumite, The Harmonys 'Big Push' special guest and the latest addition to the Karma roster, Owen Hopkins, lets us know what he's been into over the past 12 months this week. Give it a read below, with some footage from the iFive Revolutions demo tagged on at the bottom of the page.

Keep an eye out for more from Owen throughout 2009...

Top 3 skaters of 2008?

I need more! I seriously cannot choose 3, our shores are thriving with talent ridden f*ckers right now. I’m going to give you 5 – Vile, Chris Oliver, Korahn, Nicky Howells and Mikey Wright. In no particular order with many more being more than notable.

Top 3 videos of 2008?

1 - Who?

2 - Savoir Faire

3 - Skate Café

Top 3 trips of 2008?

1 - Big Push – one of the best trips full stop, cheers Adam and Dave for letting me stay in the van and to Sam for allowing the rules to bend. RIP Doco.

2 - Solo Barca trip in April – not having a place to stay on the first night, then sleeping rough and still having all my stuff in the morning still amazes me. Met good people, had good times.

3 - In the early hours of Christmas morning – was walking back to my folks’ house through this forest all pissed up with my skateboard under one arm and a bottle of whiskey that I somehow acquired under the other, fell face first into a load of clay and was covered head to toe, as was my skateboard, and I lost the whiskey. Real stoked on that trip, ha ha!

Top 3 events of 2008?

1 - UKSA Champs in Corby – looked amazing, I should have been there.

2 - Crossfire Xmas Jam – couldn’t skate but was a bloody fun day with mad skating going on, met many sound people as well as forum degenerates, then all of us ending up terrorising a goth party.

3 - Manny Mania – how does the UK create talented balance boys?

Top 3 non skating pastimes of 2008?

1 - Being an internet slut.

2 - Cigarettes and alcohol.

3 - Thinking about, finding, losing and hating jobs and money.

Top 3 quotes of 2008?

1 - “You’re younger than I was when I was your age" - random local old man from Newtown the other day, I think it was a compliment.

2 - “Have it slag hands" – Dave Dixon.

3 - “C*nt sucker" –the Swansea Rockstar addict.

Top 3 Bristol area skaters to watch out for in 2009?

There are the obvious choices like Korahn, Nicky, Snaddon, etc but the unhooked up :

1 -.Boyo

2 - Skidmore

3 - Tom Gibbs

Top 3 things you were stoked on doing in 2008?

1 - Getting hooked up by Karma – wouldn’t be able to afford to skate without Adam and Jane’s help, thanks a lot guys.

2 - Solo mish to Barca – next solo mish will be somewhere I have never been.

3 - Settling into Bristol and making some good friends.

Top 3 things you never got round to doing in 2008?

1 - Quitting nicotine.

2 - Getting a bike.

3 - Having a clue what to do for a job where I won’t just sit there and go crazy and hate the way the world works.

Top 3 aims for 2009?

1 - Put more effort into learning both on and off skateboard.

2 - More missions than this year both skating and non-skating. Maybe even get a van to aid the process.

3 - Do the megaramp on a banana board.

Owen, Danny Jack, Sean Smith, Pete King and other iFive riders at Revolutions Skatepark, Kent: