Creator of such visual classics as 'Chillin', 'As If', 'Straight to Video' and 'This N That', and producer of Mpora TV coverage from the UKSA UK Champs and the entire Red Bull 'Manny Mania' series, the one and only Andy Evans lets us know exactly what he was into during 2008 this week, so have a read below, and start getting excited about his as yet untitled upcoming release that should be tickling your eyeballs and brain some time before the end of 2009!

Top 3 skaters of 2008?

Danny Way

Chris Haslam

Chris Cole

Top 3 videos of 2008?

Globes 'United by Fate' things

Fully Flared

Plan B 'Superfuture' promo

Top 3 special 'Game of SKATE' winning moves of 2008?

Straight pressure flips

The Mcflingle

Switch fs 180 double underflips

Top 3 events of 2008?

UK Champs

Manny Mania

Battle at the Berrics

Top 3 non skating pass-times of 2008?

Knitting and crochet.

Competitive hopscotch.

The fire stick juggling thing hippies do on the sea-front.

Top 3 quotes of 2008?

“Your only cheering cause you had a spliff with him at South Bank once"

“He`s mad as cress"

“He looks like the kind of guy who would bring up a hair ball"

Top 3 skaters to watch out for in 2009?

Ollie Smith

Chaz Ortiz

Mike Wright

Top 3 things you were stoked on doing in 2008?

Nollie heelflips

Filming Mark Munson abusing Tyrone Olsen as they traveled through space together.

Being at all the UK events - they were particularly amazing this year.

Top 3 things you never got round to doing in 2008?

Late backfoot flips.

Transferring all my old hi8 footage to DV tapes.

Thinking of a name for the video.

Top 3 aims for 2009?

Finish the video.

Bring back air bubbles

Try to have as much fun as possible.

Ross McGouran in 'This N That':