Morph, alongside fellow Big Smoke skateboard filming enthusiast Henry Edwards-Wood, is responsible for the very promising and long overdue Hold Tight London project, which provides regular updates of footage and monthly edits featuring many a London head. Morph is also heavily involved in filming with The Harmony, and more recently, the Slam City video which is due to appear at some point in the future.

Filming aside, he is not afraid of hauling himself down massive sets of stairs in order to encourage a session, and even three sixty flipped the Southbank 7 at last years annual Crossfire jam on his Zip Zinger filming board.

Now read what he made of 2007, part 2 with Henry Edwards-Wood coming soon...

Top 3 Skaters of 2007?

Chewy Cannon

Ben Raemers

Dave Davies

Top 3 Trips of 2007?

The Harmony "Wolfstadt" tour. Buddle in the boot all the way from London to Manchester, true gyppo.

War of the Roses, best event I have ever been to. Can't wait until next year.

The Harmony trip up north, I ended up leaving my camera bag somewhere and realising about 3 hours later on the way home. Amazing weekend none the less.

Top 3 Parties of 2007?

Bowlriders after-party at Kokos.

Death "Better Than Life" premier, Harrow.

New years at my mate Noodles' gaff.

Top 3 Videos of 2007?

Concrete Poets "Writers Block"

Lakai "Fully Flared"

Josh Stewart "Static 3"

Top 3 Video parts of 2007?

Guy Mariano "Fully Flared"

Mike Mo "Fully Flared"

Scott Howes "Writers Block"

Top 3 Places to film in 2007?

Haha, that would be telling...

Top 3 London skaters to watch out for in 2008?

Shaun Witherup

Scott Howes

Dan Clarke

Top 3 Amusing incidents of 2007?

Sitting outside a chip shop at about 1 am with my mates just chilling, and out of some car an egg flies straight into my face. Such a good shot that I had to laugh myself!

Filming with Horsey in Westminster, some tramp just on the floor jammin', doing his thing, he then starts to piss himself while we were skating there. He just looked up at me and started laughing along.

Bringing Bumwin up north with us to War of the Roses. Just having him there was amazing.

Top 3 Things you wish you'd have done in 2007?

Skated more.

Traveled more.

Filmed more

Top 3 Things you're looking forward to in 2008?

Getting all the current filming projects done with and starting on new ones.

Skating as a whole.

...and any new skate films.