After a brief break last week, our Cities interviews continue today, as Conhuir Lynn gives you an insight into his life in Belfast. Read on below, Monkeybird 2009 Summer Tour edit waiting for you at the bottom of the page...


Conhuir's Belfast

Best breakfast spot: It's gone but it was The Scullery on the Andytown road, best fry ups!

Best form of transportation: Black taxis, drop you into town for £1.30.

Best skate shop: Loco.

Best record shop: Not really sure.

Best band: Shit, umm...ahh music is horrible these days .

Best album: Are these for Belfast bands or just what I'm into at the moment? Well if it's what I'm into then it was “Kill 'em All", now it's...shit, that's a hard one, ask me later.

Best local video: “Not The New Monkeybird Video", full Denis Lynn part in there!

Best video section: Denis Lynn, any of them.

Best local – back in the day: Bernard Rea

Best local – present: Denis Lynn

Best skate spot – back in the day: St Annes

Best skate spot – present: We don't have any skate spots, that's really not a joke.

Best undercover spot: Read previous.

Best skatepark – back in the day: We didn't have any, still don't, only one we have is private and the guys do a fucking good job keeping it open - f*ck Belfast City Council.

Best skatepark – present: Unit 13, only one we got, thats pathetic isn't it? Belfast has one skatepark...count yourselves lucky kids, we actually grew up with no skateparks!

Best bar: Kelly's Cellars.

Best nightclub: They all play R&B, so none.

Best restaurant: Deans Deli, fucking expensive but incredible.

Best local slang phrase: "Get 'er bucked", (go shag the tits off her.)

Best point of local interest/tourist must see: Peace Wall, see a torn city, and a wall that divided two communities full of people that were unwilling to grow up, change and make this city a better place for their children. Fuck politics and fuck sectarianism.

Best local celebrity: Denis Lynn, he's the only human on earth whose ego has a gravitational pull.

Best thing about living in Belfast: Starting to question that myself, but please visit, I promise you will like it.

The Monkeybird 2009 Summer Tour:

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