Ashford by Harry Lintell

This months 'Haunts' recipient, Mr Harry Lintell, spills some more info on his hometown of Ashford, Kent this week - read on below and pick up the latest copy of the mag for more!


Harry's Ashton

Best breakfast spot: The Gorge, it's tasty and it's cheap.

Best form of transportation: Skate, 'cos the buses are shit and my town's about two feet wide

Best skate shop: Wreckless, that's the best shop.

Best record shop: I don't think we have a record shop, maybe HMV?

Best band: I don't think there are any bands, if there is I don't know any. Saying that, my mate Sean is in a band...

Best local video: “Plypushers", I think that's the only video made in Ashford.

Best video section: Chris Marsh, “Dirty Chris", he is dirty. “Plypushers"

Best local – back in the day: Si Woods, he's old and he smells and he does heelflip.

Best local – present: Dalton Alexander, he's just chilling.

Best skate spot – back in the day: Willsborough Junior School, picnic benches that were really small.

Best skate spot – present: Elwick ledge. It's in some “shared space" shit where people on cars just mingle, it's dangerous as f*ck.

Best undercover spot: The tunnels, it's got a bank in it, that's about it.

Best skatepark: Ashford park, the only park in Ashford. Trashford.

Best bar: The County, it's cheap and everyone is normally there.

Best nightclub: I've only ever been to one, that's called Liquid. It's fucking shit, some local Ashford piss up where people get pretty messy.

Best restaurant: Maccy D's! Oh yeah...

Best local slang phrase: “What ya saying, yeah?" - everyone has started saying it, I've got them hooked.

Best point of local interest/tourist must see: Ashford Designer Outlet.

Best local celebrity: Paul O'Grady, but he doesn't live in Ashford, he lives about ten minutes away.

Best thing about living in Ashford: I dunno...friends and family.

Harry and the UK Ipath team hit Scotland:

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