The third and final of our 5Boro Last Orders for this week, check back next week for the final bunch.

Nasal Bluntageness


Drink you ordered: Old Crow

Person you spoke to: Jeb

Trick you filmed: Kickflip Wallride

Photo you shot: Front Crook

Country you visited: Chile

Thing you skated in your hometown: Broad Street

Skate event you traveled to: Took’s BBQ

Trick you learnt: Back smiths on tranny

Trick you lost: Whole lot of ‘em.

Book you read: ”Fieldwork in Morocco

Time you were outraged: Last time I rolled my ankle.

Piece of advice you received: ”Finish school”

Album you bought: Freeway

Song you sang along to: ”BOOM!” by The Crew

Film you watched and enjoyed: ”PCU”

Film you watched and hated: ”Punch Drunk Love”

Skate video you watched from start to finish: Blueprint “Lost and Found”

Website visited:

Thing you downloaded: Some music

Clip watched on YouTube: A kid getting scissors thrown into his arm.

Skateboarder who impressed you: Danny Falla

Time you said "never again”: When I wore dirty socks.

Item of importance that you lost: Laptop - stolen out of my apartment two years ago.

Time you feared for your life: Smashing into the barrier on the Jersey turnpike in the pouring rain with Willy Akers.

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