Number 2 of our 5Boro themed Last Orders, this time with Danny Falla.

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Ollie up, kickflip off. Photo: Ying


Drink you ordered: White Wine

Person you spoke to: My girlfriend Meghan.

Trick you filmed: Some line with some really really hard tricks in it in Brooklyn.

Photo you shot: A nollie bigspin on a bank in Lima.

Country you visited: My favorite, Peru.

Thing you skated in your hometown: Brower park ledges in Brooklyn.

Skate event you travelled to: ASR in San Diego.

Trick you learnt: Fs lipslide to noseblunt on a box ,thanks Rodney!

Trick you lost: Switch inward heels.

Book you read: 'Nothing in this book is true ,but it's exactly how things are' by Bob Frissell.

Time you were outraged: When tombo made me film some website line and I fell and focused my first board.

Piece of advice you received: Get acupuncture to heal my ankle faster, from Dan Pensyl.

Album you bought: 'Double Up' by R.Kelly

Song you sang along to: 'Love Song' by Syd Barrett.

Film you watched and enjoyed: 'Juno'

Film you watched and hated: I don't hate much.

Skate video you watched from start to finish: 'Fully Flared'

Thing you downloaded: Veo Veo by Guajiros, a reggaeton song that I listened to all the time while in Peru.

Clip watched on YouTube: Bot flies nasty! Thanks Rodney!

Skateboarder who impressed you: Joey Tookmanian , actually it was Jose Tookmanian (his alter ego) in Peru, and he wasn't skating either.

Time you said "never again": Last Friday when I was hungover from drinking from taking tequila shots the night before, thanks Sweet Waste!

Item of importance that you lost: My ipod last year,took a while to get some of the nice tunes I got in there.

Time you feared for your life: Last time I was in Peru, there was an earthquake at 6am that woke me up, my girlfriend was visiting so I woke her up and we both ran outside the house. It had been a while since I felt one of those, and it was her first.

Danny Falla - "NYNY"