Part 1 of our special 5Boro Last Orders, with Willy Akers.

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180 Nosegrind.


Drink you ordered: Lipton green tea.

Person you spoke to: Cristina D’Ambrosio.

Trick you filmed: Ollie up then gap to front board.

Photo you shot: A school project of FDR.

Country you visited: Chile!

Thing you skated in your hometown: Wilmington Skate Jam at Frawley Stadium… we need a skate park!

Skate event you travelled to: Oil City Skatepark, Long Island, New York… sick vert ramp!

Trick you learnt: Back tails on vert.

Trick you lost: All my flip tricks.

Book you read: 'Camera Lucida' by Roland Barthes.

Time you were outraged: I almost got a ticket for skating City Hall in Philly last night.

Piece of advice you received: You have to live your life to the fullest for the people who cant. i.e. the miserable ones.

Album you bought: I just found a Jim Croce tape and rocked that the other day!

Song you sang along to: 'Buffalo Soldier' by Bob Marley

Film you watched and enjoyed: "Into the Wild"… watch it now… go! Or Buster Keatons "The General"

Film you watched and hated: I’ve been pretty psyched on all the films I have seen as of today.

Skate video you watched from start to finish: The Volcom video, 'Let’s Live'.

Website visited: Youtube to check out Jake Rupp’ lost footage.

Thing you downloaded: This 'Last Orders' document.

Clip watched on YouTube: Check above… also, some Steel Pulse videos are sick!

Skateboarder who impressed you: Adam Benson from Delaware.

Time you said "never again": Never again am I going to have 4 8:30 a.m. classes during the week. Too much!

Item of importance that you lost: Prints for my final Black and White photo project. Some kid threw them away.

Time you feared for your life: Waking up in a slit open tent with our cameras missing. We slept at a refugee camp in Valencia Spain under this bridge, and got robbed in the middle of the night. It was insane!

Willy's section from "NYNY"