For the next few weekends, we'll be catching up with a variety of UK heads to see what they made of the last year. Kicking things off today we've got hold of Scott "Horsey" Walker to find out his thoughts on 2010.

Get your read on below and check back next Saturday for more...


Top 3 skaters of 2010?

Ben Raemers

Preston Harper


Top 3 videos of 2010?

Randy Ploesser "High5" welcome clip - so, so sick!

Boots on The Big Push.

The Blueprint video was rad (Smiffy)!!

Top 3 trips of 2010?

Jumping on a Flip trip in AZ.

High5 trip from Cali to North Dakota and back via Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Minnesota, Denver and New Mexico.

Teenage Runaway trip with Todd Bratrud, Fos and Sam Maguire to Las Vegas, Utah and Denver.

Top 3 events of 2010?

I kinda missed them all because I was away. NASS was fun

Top 3 non skating pass-times of 2010?

Partying with my girl.

Partying with my friends.

Making stupid edits on my blog - bagelsandbeers.blogspot

Top 3 quotes of 2010?

"She is the opposite of a virgin, she is a whore" - my swedish friend johan talkin about his sister.

"Skating in a competition is like having your boner out and showing it to everyone" - Kyle Green.

"Fuck Dibs" - Dan Cates

Top 3 skaters to watch out for in 2011?

Harry Hughes

Randy Ploesser

Dan Monk's comeback

Top 3 things you were stoked on doing in 2010?

A lot of traveling.

Getting on the HIGH5.

Kr3w and Supra hooking me up proper!

Top 3 things you never got round to doing in 2010?

Getting my foot fixed.

Moving in with Chris Johnson.

Making loads of money.

Top 3 aims for 2011?


Getting a motorbike.

Keep up the seven day weekend.

Horsey's The High Five welcome video: