After placing 7th overall in the 2010 Girls World Street Rankings, winning pretty much every UK event going and racking up no shortage of both UK and international coverage, this week we catch up with Miss Helena "Legs" Long to find out what she made of the last twelve months.

Read on, then watch Helena smashing it at the Manchester stop of the 2010 Ladies Skateboard Series at the bottom of the page...

Photo: Jenna Davis

Top 3 skaters of 2010?

Lois Pendlebury,

Josh ‘Manhead’ Young

Andy Scott

Top 3 videos of 2010?

In Search of the Miraculous

Make Friends With The Colour Blue


Top 3 trips of 2010?

Ladies Monthly Scotland!

Top 3 events of 2010?

UKSA National Championships

World Cup Skate in Rome

Ladies Skateboard Series

Top 3 non skating pass-times of 2010?

Starting Uni.

Doing a little traveling – including Bradford with Lois and Ben.

Drinking Danielle Smellor’s lethal cocktail with Sam Beckett, Reece Douglas and Lois Pedlebury.

Top 3 quotes of 2010?

"Suck out"

"What’s A-I-R?" – when playing scrabble,

"Ya right legs?"

Top 3 skaters to watch out for in 2011?

Lois Pendlebury

Josh ‘Manhead ‘ Young

Andy Scott

Top 3 things you were stoked on doing in 2010?

UKSA National Championships

Skeg Mini Ramp Champs...

...and the Ladies Monthly’s

Top 3 things you never got round to doing in 2010?

Urmm meeting/marrying Johnny Depp.

Watching Avatar –although I’m not too bothered.

Hitching a lift from Ken Block.

Top 3 aims for 2011?

Skate, skate, skate.

Ladies Skateboard Series 2010 - "The Phoenix Night" comp, Manchester:

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