411 Split Feature

411 'Industry' profiles were essentially the prototype for web released team promos that now drop at an all too frequent rate. Back in the 90's when company produced videos dropped only a couple of times per year, these short Industry sections were the perfect way for a company to showcase their team and give the waiting global audience a glimpse at the visual aesthetic of their brand without having them wait several years for their next full length video release.

Some companies opted for a straight forward "here's our team skating a selection of spots" approach, whilst others went all out and used the opportunity to make a statement about their brand; some that opted for the latter route still have their efforts hailed as the most memorable sections that 411 housed over their two decade long lifespan.

As a sort of potted history lesson/411 appreciation post, we've decided to collect some of the better Industry sections that can be currently found floating about in cyberspace and have put them all in one easy to access article for you. Have a click through below now and explore some classic 411 moments and long lost gems from over the years. And maybe witness some obscure visual moments from a collection of your favourite brands...

21 years ago, Zoo York was a completely different beast to the Mark Ecko affiliated entity it became during the 2000's. During the year of their initial launch and five years prior to the release of their seminal VHS 'Mixtape', the Zoo York crew manhandled a hefty Industry section that featured Ricky Oyola, Jeff Pang, Mike Hernandez, Robbie Gangemi, Harold Hunter and the rest of the crew taking to longstanding staples and backstreet gems dotted around their native New York City like the early 90's gang of heavy hitters they were.

"What's in the future for Zoo York? Airplanes, asteroids?"

Not quite fella, but back then no one could foresee what was going to happen. The future just can't be written sometimes...

Again, proving you just can't judge what the future will hold, here we arrive at Underworld Element. Hot on the heels of their debut VHS release 'Skypager', the Underworld Element squad came correct with another four and a half minute dose of raw skating backed by some timeless Diggable Planets audio assistance.

Pepe Martinez (RIP) holds it down in DC whilst a pint-sized Stevie Williams comes seemingly out of nowhere to switch tre a bin. In a line. Grab those nuts, son!

Not too long after this one dropped, the 'Underworld' aspect of the company name was binned off, Element came into being and things slowly went in a direction that no one could really predict.

I could also never understand why the footage was cropped the way it was in this section too. It looks like the filmer was holding the camera the wrong way up and just went with it. That might even be the case. As we've established, the past was a strange place...

The John Lucero founded Black Label has gone through many revamps over the years, but back in 1995 the main focus of the team was firmly on Skip Pronier, Jim Gagne and Tim Upson, as you're about to see in this raw yet powerful Industry section. Pat Lawrence and Brian Chung come through with brief cameos along the way, but it's Upson who steals the show with some serious all terrain savagery paired with the occasional touches of elegance.

As with pretty much everything the Label has produced, this one is no frills, strictly business skateboarding. Enjoy...

Here’s a random piece of skateboard history for you - the 411 Flip ‘Industry’ section from 1995, filmed when Flip relocated to America from good ol' Blighty, featuring a little bit of an injured Geoff Rowley, powerful vert shenanigans from Rune Glifberg, a kickflip 540 from Andy Scott and one of the best lines ever committed to film by Tom Penny…

As far as declarations of intent go, Flip couldn't have really landed on American soil with a better one.

And yeah, that was Ali Cairns doing the voice over in place of an absent Scotty.

In the time between the release of 'Let The Horns Blow' and the appearance of this Industry section, things had altered quite a bit over at the Mad Circle camp. Tas Pappas, Moses Itkonen, Marcus McBride and co were nowhere to be seen, instead the rehashed line up of Scott Johnson, Karl Watson and Bobby Puleo were thrust into center stage. Pontus Alv even starts things off with some mid-90's SF cruising - oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

Yep, the overall concept and voiceover at the start might reek a bit like that block of cheddar your flatmate lodged at the back of the fridge six months ago, but you'd have to be a mong to turn you nose up at four minutes of Watson, Johnson and co.

Skating wise, this was the perfect warm up to '5ive Flavors', I'm sure you'll agree...

Kingpin editor Will Harmon on the handrails, some heavily chopped up lines and a young AVE? Gotta be the 1996 Industry section from the now deceased Channel One...

Mike Graham colliding with the block at the end of the first line has probably been referenced more over the years than anything else in this Industry section, which is a shame considering that Stevie Williams, Maurice Key, a post-Real James Kelch, Henry Sanchez and Pat Wash all lay it down for the short lived Fit's Industry profile.

I mean, he looks like he's about to knock the block out, then he realises it's an inanimate object so it would really do the situation much good before walking away from it still disgruntled.

But yeah, other than that - pay attention to Sanch's front blunt shove-it mid ledge at Pier 7. Damn...

The YouTube fairies might have stolen the music from this one, but fire on some Ozzy in the background and sit back as Jeremy Wray, Danny Way, Colin McKay and the rest hammer out some post The Revolution antics, before calling time on Plan B's first lease of life.

"Fuck The Cops", "Free Trade Center", "Westsiiiiide..."

As you'll know if you've paid attention to any of their video releases, or anything they've put out during their influential and bar raising existence, you'll already know that FTC have always had a powerful squad of shop representatives. Their SF centric video releases are still heavily sought after, and their Industry section here rounded off their 90's era perfectly, dropping the year after they put out their final VHS offering 'III'.

Scott Johnson, Brian Anderson, Cairo Foster, Huf, Lennie Kirk, Karl Watson, Lee Smith, Stevie Williams, Nikhel Thayer, Jason Dill, Henry Sanchez, JB Gillet, Marcus McBride, Mike Carroll and the rest of the inflated FTC family all hold down solid appearances over the course of this four minute section which ended up being the last 'official' moving image output from FTC until their 2005 DVD debut 'A Fine Line Between Love and Haight'.

Three years after their 'Letter From America' debut, and four years prior to the release of their classic full-lengther 'Sorry', Flip stepped back into the 411 Industry ring with their 'Eazyriders' promo, diverting the worlds attention to the then emerging talents of Warner Avenue residents Ali Boulala and Alex Moul who was now revitalised and handling business Stateside after a brief drum n' bass influenced hiatus, alongside new blood Eric Brockman who vanished into late 90's obscurity shortly after.

Alex Moul's technique on everything = ninja.

Boulala skating in Timberlands = gangsta.

Boulala's wrist destroying slam at the end = brutal.

Warming the eager masses up nicely for the arrival of 'Photosynthesis' only two years later, it's undeniable that Alien Workshop kicked the front doors firmly in with their 1998 Industry submission. As with their later contribution to Transworld's 'Cinematographer Project', the Sect made full us of the opportunity to get their message across to the skateboarding population, mixing up striking and original visuals with skating from the team that sits firmly on the opposite end of the footage spectrum to 'chuckaway'.

AVE, Jason Dill, Rob Dyrdek, Fred Gall and Josh Kalis take center stage in what is widely regarded as one of the best Industry sections that 411 hosted.


So...what did we miss? What Industry sections do you remember that you would liked to have seen included in this list?

Get to work in the comments section below and let us know!