Richie Jackson Firecracker

We have compiled a list of outrageous firecrackers plucked from various people and various videos. There's blatantly loads out there and if you think we missed any please comment who, or what you think should be in there at the bottom.

But for now, have a click through and marvel at some of the wheel/tail step magic!

Is there anything more satisfying than firecrackering a curb? Probably not and what a sound!

Beagleoneism igniting the fire! Beagle gets his backwards stance on to switch firecracker a bulking 26 set for his Baker Has A Deathwish part, what a champ! To see him doing it regular with an outrageous hairstyle click here.

You've got to be a fan of Madars Apse, he kills it, smiles a lot and generally seems a mad character. M to the A firecrackers El Torro to conclude his Future Nature part which is also just a whole bowl of rad! Pretty impressive to NBD that set of stairs.

Ragdoll isn't afraid of a firecracker or two but this one is pretty scarcely seen, a melon firecracker!? What an absolute rockstar! If you continue watching this part he also nose wheelies into a firecracker and ollies a double set to firecracker. If Jesus and Andrew WK had a kid?

The UK's biggest beer legalization activist Josh Cox kills it and Lucas Brammall correctly described this firecracker, as "far more than just a firecracker but a firework display!" Couldn't agree more mate!

We got this video off of that there youtube, you might have heard of it. We tried locating the dudes name, but it seems there's just a plethora of tags. Either way props!

Mango's an absolute legend and loves a good firecracker. This one is lesser seen as he nose wheelies down them...LIKE A BOWSE!

El Torro makes another appearance in this post only this time Tony Bang firecrackers without his board! Horrendously scary and obviously brimming with gnar, check it out.

Richie is also no stranger to the cracking of fire and he's done numerous tricks out now but this is keeping it real in the streets son! It's also pretty ridic!

There's a load of firecrackers throughout this part (2:15, 3:03, 3:06) but this back 180 switch firecracker revert out, or a punk 360 is a definite winner!