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Being the lunatic he is, Jason Caines is no stranger to a good road gap and has given us an insight into some of the more influential distance boosters that increase his already large hype-o-meter.

Have a read through to see what some of Jason's most admired road gap tricks are below:

Text and research by Jason Caines

The road gap is a fundamental and entertaining skateboarding obstacle of which there are many to be discovered in every single country.

The road gap stands alongside the curb and the bank as a primary skate obstacle which every skater can enjoy but who's done the most gnarly road gap trick ever? Here's a list of some great examples.

Zack Wallin's epic ollie photo over this downhill road gap from his Welcome to Enjoi video part was quickly forgotten when a few months later a photo of him pinging a huge kickflip over it emerged on the front cover of Transworld.

The photo of this kickflip was a major head turner and the speed and commitment necessary to land it is some serious Bruce Willis in Die Hard action hero shit. Big up.

The footage will be in Enjoi's new video 'Oververt'.

Sometimes a skater and a filmer capture tricks so perfectly that they impact every skater who's ever seen them. This is the case of two pieces of Arto road gap footage shot by French Fred in Flip's video 'Sorry'.

Arto's perfect backside flip and switch backside flip over the road gap near the Ramblas in Barcelona is filmed from the same spot on both sides of the gap and it gives the footage an aesthetically satisfying mirroring effect.

You genuinely can't tell the difference between the switch and regular versions of the trick and the footage had you frantically pressing the rewind button on your remote to make sure what you saw, was what you saw.

Nick Jensen has been doing difficult tricks over road gaps since back in the day, like his popped switch inward heel over Bond Street road gap in Blueprint's video 'First Broadcast'.

Jensen's shared part in Lakai's Fully Flared is filled with several awesome road gap manoeuvres which show he still finds creative ways to skate them. Just look at this road gap ollie to curb tailslide at the end of his line in this part, its unforgettably smooth.

Danny Brady's frontside 180 and backside 180 to manny over the SOAS gap in Blueprint's Lost and Found is some serious next level shit.

The gnarly hang up potential of the spot and the insane distance involved to clear the gap is enough to put off most from even attempting to ollie it. Brady, however manages to launch two tricks over it into a manual. Hats off to T'Brady. Absolutely ridiculous. Tom Knox's trick is also absurd!

Brandon Westgate's ollie up this gap is a stand out monster trick amid a section filled with a series of inhuman skate feats on spots most pros can't touch.

Brandon's fascinating ability to get huge ollies off the flat is embodied in this clip which showcases his combination of insane pop and fluid style by flying up this neck high road gap at rocket speed.

Marc Johnson's lazer heelflip ender over this Cali road gap in Yeah Right helped to reignite the skate world's interest in the trick which was forgotten about for years.

The lazer flip was considered by many to be 'stinking' and reserved only for lonely car park dwelling freestylers.

But this all changed when Marc rekindled skateboarding's love affair with the lazer by blasting out this absolutely steezy one as the ender to his part.

Heath Kirchart getting towed by a motorcycle for a frontside flip over a road gap in Emerica's Stay Gold is one of the most bad ass, Mad Max type moments in skate history.

Although Heath does get towed for his backside flip over the same gap in Mindfield, it is in Stay Gold where he attacks it in total heath mode. He's all dressed in white like a Clockwork Orange Droog and gets towed not by a skate homie but by some random burly, big belly, bandana wearing Hell's Angel looking dude. Its awesome.

This road gap clip is just as funny as it is dramatic and Heath really lays it on thick. His white clothes become black due to his slams on the asphalt and he nails a frontside flip over the gap in indomitable Heath style.

He's a true original and he bought his own twist to the road gap game by making a clip that leaves a lasting memory in skate video history.

Tom Penny destroys a cali demolition spot road gap at the beginning of his part in Flip''s Really Sorry and he bangs out trick after trick to the extent you don't want it to end.

In this rad clip Tom dons a green tee and baggy cargo pants similar to the garms that he wore in his epic run in the Radlands Comp in 95' and the footage feels reminiscent of his absolute domination of that chain to bank spot in Transworld's Uno/Anthology video.

In every bit of Penny footage there's evidence of a skate genius at work who seems to have it all figured out, but probably isn't aware of what 'it' even is because 'it' comes so bloody naturally to him.

In his debut part for Cliché Skateboards Lucas absolutely nails a perfect switch backside flip over a long road gap in central London. The trick is filmed perfectly. French Fred leaves the camera rolling just long enough to see Lucas doing a little steezy backside ollie off the curb and ride out of shot. Nice touch.

At just 16 years old, Lucas shocked the skate world with his super mature and varied bag of tricks done with a new Guy Mariano type style and this switch backside flip is a great example of that.

Zered Bassett brings the noise in his monster 8 minute section from Zoo York's video, 'Vicious Cycle'. In the final minute of Zered's part he charges down a seriously insane hillbomb at neck breaking speed and nails an ollie over three massive road gaps in a row.

Zered skates so fast he reaches a speed where it would be impossible to slow down without absolutely wrecking himself. But he keeps his cool and maintains complete board control, even when he has to ollie up a curb before the last gap, which makes this line even more rad and why he deserves his east coast powerhouse status.

Ricky Oyola and Donny Barley have done the first two gaps but big Zered steps to the third. Props to the filmer also!