I.C.(E) Boards

Thank you for clicking on the I.C.(E) Boards section on the Sidewalk Directory; we really appreciate it.

I.C.(E) Boards is a Skateboard clothing brand based in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

I.C.(E) Boards uses the fun, creativity and passionate love that all Skateboarders, Penny Boarders, and Long Boarders express whilst skating to help inspire our designs and make each clothing item original, yet trendy for our customers.

All of I.C.(E) Boards designs have been hand drawn, which is one of our USPs (Unique Selling Points). It brings an artistic feel to the I.C.(E) Boards range.

I.C.(E) Boards wants to make sure each and every customer is happy to wear our products, so pick your favourite design that is best suited to you and I.C.(E) Boards will make sure you are 100% happy when you receive your item of clothing from the I.C.(E) Boards store.

On the I.C.(E) Boards store we also have a photo gallery which features Skate Boarders, Penny Boarders and Long Boarders from across the road and around the globe.
You can email I.C.(E) Boards the picture you would like to have featured in the photo gallery.

Please enjoy visiting the I.C.(E) Boards online store and feel free to email us if you have any questions.



  • Nottingham