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Jess Young - Hometown

Bridgend is full of drunks, chavs, roiders, yum mums and is kind of like a tin of chocolates in a way because there are always going to be things you don't like floating around near the bottom.

Christopher James Massey

To those who knew Christopher James Massey personally, he was a beaming ball of positivity and humour who could find a way to make any situation ripple with laughter and good will.

Witness 224 - Part one

A collection of skateboard happenings for you eyes to consume.

Matlok Bennett-Jones Haunts

Hailing from Hillsborough, Sheffield, (no, not the town of Matlock), Matlok Bennett-Jones is a down-to-earth, levelheaded lad whose versatile style of skating will surprise you.

Scotland's late summer

I have been visiting Scotland for coming up on twenty years. Sure, it is one of those destinations that might lie under the radar for an internationally curious type, but I assure you it is well worth more than a mere gander.

Siar - The West coast of Ireland

Our trip was mostly the brain child of our friend Cian Eades from Limerick based on whispers that he’d heard through the Irish skate scene that the mostly unexplored West of Ireland had quite the abundance of skate spots and even more alluring due to the fact that most of them where relatively untouched.

Levi's - Skateboarding in Pine Ridge

Levi’s Skateboarding proudly presents: ‘Skateboarding In Pine Ridge’, a documentary chronicling the skatepark build in Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

Debuts - Matt Pritchard

It goes without saying that we’re both honoured and stoked to take this opportunity to welcome our good mate Pritch back to the Sidewalk fold, for the first time since our monthly output went digital, in order for him to divulge for you exactly how his crazy seven ply journey began.

Sidewalk 223 - Rollersnakes South

Off we went to spend six days trying our best to follow Bambi and rattling hire van around the south coast in search of seven-ply heroics and good laughs. Here’s a selection of what went down…

Sidewalk 223 - Korahn Gayle

I've known the extraordinary human being that is Korahn Gayle for maybe coming up for 13 years. Over that time, he has consistently been late for every session, pissed about having a laugh instead of going for his tricks, and generally distracted everyone with his comedy antics. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Jordan Lightowler - First Light

Jordan Lightowler - First Light. Sidewalk 223 part 2.

Sidewalk 223 - Witness Part 2

Sidewalk 223 - Witness Part 2. Enter here for banging eye candy from around our fair isles.

Sidewalk 223 - Lee Rozee - Made Of Stone

We worked through the distractions of pet squirrels and excessive amounts of innuendo to cover subjects ranging from 80’s cinema to guerrilla spot builds to the spam/butter pie abduction conspiracies. Enjoy…

House Of Vans - Manchester

This past weekend, Vans, (in collaboration with Black Sheep Skate Store), brought a pop up House of Vans to Manchester. Doors opened on the Deansgate venue with a gig on Friday, with Saturday’s main event hosting a variety of obstacles including a mini ramp and small street area.

Sidewalk 223 - James Jarvis

Drop into some negative space, geek out and listen to Jarvis speak about hoping his name was written down by the Gonz, making toys and barely-popped ollies.

Bristol Lloyds Big 3 comp

We have been doing the big 3 jam at the infamous Lloyds set here in Bristol for a few years now and the turn out and level of skateboarding has always been amazing

Sidewalk 223 - Tommy Guerrero

Pioneering San Franciscan street-styler and skate-punk progenitor Tommy Guerrero has been releasing albums as a solo artist for almost twenty years now, and his spacey jazz-rock-blues instrumentals are every bit as flowing, enthralling and fluid as his skateboarding.

Dew Tour - Am Series Amsterdam 2015

My primary task for a late August weekend was to shoot photos of one Chris Oliver – winner of the UK Dew Tour qualifier.