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Vans 'Excursion' Episode 2 - Daryl Dominguez

The second 'Excursion' edit from Vans is now here, this time around focused on the talented feet of Sidewalk 213 cover-human and interview subject Daryl Loreto Dominguez!

Choosing Skateboard Wheels and Bearings | Sidewalk Basics

Skateboard wheels come in a variety of colours, sizes and degrees of hardness...

Skateboard Tool Kit | Sidewalk Basics

Luckily for you, everything that's required to fix, replace and adjust all the components of your set up is available in one skateboard tool...

Choosing Skateboard Trucks | Sidewalk Basics

Once you’ve selected and gripped your deck you need to pick your trucks, wheels, bearings and mounting hardware so that you can set up your board...

Choosing Your First Skateboard Deck | Sidewalk Basics

Buying your first deck and getting the right set up is one of the most important decisions that you’ll make as a skater...

Skateboarding History | Sidewalk Basics

It might still be a fairly new activity - but the short history of skateboarding has a lot of depth...

How To Grip and Fit Your Hardware | Sidewalk Basics

There are several processes needed to grip and set up your board and each one needs time and attention paid to it to maximise the crispness of your set up.

Skateboard Helmet and Pads | Sidewalk Basics

Whilst it’s not compulsory to wear a skateboard helmet and safety equipment, it’s strongly advised, especially for beginners in busy skateparks.