Not content with spending most of the final week of August hammering street terrain across the South Coast (check out the full tour article and edit if you have yet to do so) Daz and the Rollersnakes mob somehow managed to squeeze a full day of skatepark destruction into the schedule as well.

Consisting of two ‘Come Skate With Us’ sessions at Haslemere and Guildford, John Bell, Mark Stern, Daryl Dominguez, Manny Lopez, Ryan Price and Nick Roberts skated with local heads at both stops and racked up footage for the accompanying clip (scroll to the bottom of the page for that) whilst CJ managed to amass the following skatepark bangers for your eyes and grey matter to enjoy…

Ryan Price - Andrecht

Everybody loves an Andrecht, especially our Clev, who can chuck them out on any transition you stick him in front of with an unnatural amount of ease.

Mark Stern - Kickflip

Waking up on ‘demo day’, Mark Stern wrestled with his inner fashionista demons, after much deliberation donned his recently acquired tracksuit bottoms and proudly strutted out of the hotel inadvertently dressed exactly the same as Manny Lopez.

Telling them apart at the demos was hard work to begin with, especially with eyesight that’s as pathetic as mine, but you should be able to easily spy the Stern half of the demo day twins hoisting this kickflip over the bar at Haslemere.