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Anthony Van Engelen is a survivor; someone who has been through the ringer and come back seemingly more determined to punish himself on a skateboard than ever. Every section he has put out displays a heavy, powerful style, with a mach ten approach to every obstacle making it clear why his skating fits so well set to The Stooges or the Adolescents. This week's Footage Feast brings you a raw body of clips and photos that are unmistakably AVE's.

Sunshine, picnic tables and schoolyard banks basically sum up the mid-90s 411 vibe, to which AVE brings big pop and a big bag of switch tricks. Straight nollie flip over a bin - even on its side - to start a line still seems fairly bonkers...the ease with which it is caught and continued into the next trick sums up his board control perfectly.

Jason Dill and AVE share a homies section in Transworld's Feedback, with the majority of clips coming from Dill (nollie inward heel over a picnic table?!) but Van Engelen still having a few sick clips in the mix as well as the kinked rail ender.

The barely suppressed rage which runs through The Stooges' best recordings acts as the perfect soundtrack to AVE's section in Photosynthesis - "the runaway sun of a nuclear A-bomb" aptly describes the street attack which the lyric scores here.

Van Engelen, Danny Way and Ted DeGros share the Alien Workshop section in Habitat's Mosaic, Ave opening the proceedings with a bang. The catch on the kickflip at 0:52 is worthy of several rewinds!

The Getz-level raging out is pretty telling, but get past that and this section offers some of Van Engelen's gnarliest and fastest skating to date, much of which is done switch...

The Adolescents, skating as fast as possible and wince-inducing slams, what's not to like? My personal favourite section from what is an all round amazing video.

An insight into the man himself, courtesy of questions from the Slap Forum - part one above, part two below, both halves offering some interesting questions and answers!

2-Anthony-Van-Engelen cj

These are just the offcuts, so you can imagine why his section in Propeller gained him SOTY status this year...

2-Anthony-Van-Engelen cj

Photo: CJ


Photo courtesy of The Chromeball Incident


Photo courtesy of The Chromeball Incident


Photo courtesy of The Chromeball Incident


Photo courtesy of The Chromeball Incident

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Photo: Ben Colen